Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ken Fells: Racist Principal Caught on Camera Assaulting 14-Year-Old Student

I got this from Elliott Lake.

Fells committed the assault at Nova Scotia’s Graham Creighton Junior High School on March 3, but was not arrested. Although he was removed from the school, the violent racist was simply transferred.

Elliott Lake writes,

The BLACK EDUCATORS Association rallied around Fells, calling him a great principal who insists on order and respect in his schools. – Source – Read more:

About a dozen people were still there at 2 a.m. when board chair Irvine Carvery announced that Fells is no longer principal of Graham Creighton Junior High School.
However, Fells remains a principal in the school system.

[School board chair Irvine] “Carvery said he believes Fells was treated fairly.

“I feel good about it. Folks were here for eight hours to show their support for Mr. Fells. Speaks very highly of how Mr. Fells is considered in the community.”

Carvery meant the black community.

Irvine Carvery is a racist black reparations hustler, if you’ll pardon the triple redundancy.

The black kids and BEA didn’t rally around Fells in spite of his racist assault on the 14-year-old boy, but because of it. That’s why they think he’s great. I have no doubt that the same racists would have demanded and gotten a white principal who had laid a hand on a black student arrested and fired, no matter what the circumstances were.

Nova Scotia is 92 percent white and only 2.5 percent black, yet school officials made a virulent black racist the school board chair, and a violent black racist a school principal. These officials need to be investigated, sued, and kept away from ever having anything to do with the welfare of children. They—the white ones—are shock troops for The New White Racism: Racism perpetrated by whites against other whites. Fells needs to be arrested, and Carvery needs to be cashiered.


Ghost Dog said...

Ha. Yeah, completely racist, not just coming to the aid of a man who clearly was attempting to do his job and was deserted by the his school an peers.

Nicholas Stix said...

Huh? Are you saying that beating the hell out of a kid for no reason whatsoever is "attempting to do his job"? Care to elaborate?

Who are his peers?

If he was "deserted," how come he wasn't fired, arrested, and prosecuted?

Turner said...

"who clearly was attempting to do his job"

Double "Huh"?

This story hit Canada's national newspaper today and can be read HERE. Many comments have been added.

In one week, the video has garnered over 205,000 views, but now Youtube has restricted the main video to over 18 yrs. (inappropriate, ya know!). Although It can still be viewed elsewhere on the web.

Nicholas Stix said...

Thanks so much for the link, Turner!

Carvery previously praised "the community" for its role, but now contradicts himself, saying that the community played no role. He is lying through his teeth, but that is actually helpful, since his new lies simply beg the question: What "additional" information did the Board have?

But there is no information that could have justified what Fells did to the boy. (After all, the boy was not carrying a gun.) If the boy had really been a danger to anyone, as the veteran headmaster in the article said, Fells would have been legally obliged to call the police, which he had not done. Carvery is trying to make Fells' bullying and cowardice out to be heroism.

Carvery's additional cover-up lies have made things worse, not better. Now he is a an accomplice to:

1. Obstruction of justice;
2. Child abuse; and
3. A racist attack.

Carvery needs to share a jail cell with Fells.

Mr. Olsen, meanwhile, is a hero, so I guess Fells and Carvery will be suing him, and "the community" will no doubt be causing violent trouble on Fells' and Carvery's behalf.

My hunch is that the opposite of Carvery's claim is true: The staff knew things that the board did not about Fells' other proclivities. An out-of-control, violent, child-abusing racist like Ken Fells has surely committed other infractions. Carvery, Fells, and their accomplices need to be thoroughly, publicly investigated.

Anonymous said...

How can they ever think of allowing this individual to command a cadet camp in New Brunswick. He will be the commanding officer this summer.

Anonymous said...

You won't believe how he's behaving at the camp - outrageous! said...

LOL..had to laugh about your comments about Irvine are much more polite than I am. Visit me at Response: A Thousand Voices to know how sociopathic and corrupt Carvery is and all the weak white folk who kiss his ass. I have been trying to get him into prison for several years now and filed against him at the Human Rights Commission against him for organizing daily depraved racist violence against my family and HRC being racist themselves refused to do it despite my evidence. HRC illegally changed my application from listing Carvey as my major perpetrator to MRHA. The HRC and Carvery should have been criminally charged instead the ED became the Lt governor of the province. I am still working on an investigation all these perps. Fells and the BEA which has become a flagrant racist excuse for outrageous grants monies are all about the race card..Fells is a racist who knew he would get away with abusing a white youth but would not dare do it to a black child, a white principal would not dare do that to a black child..racism alive and well in NS.

constance said...

thats nothing come paired to the KKK coming to an all white high school, with 10 blacks students. the KKK calling all the black students the N-word. No one did anything. No one............

Nicholas said...

You forgot to take your meds, Connie!

Anonymous said...

Relieved to read comments that Fells is a racist. Now, years later, nothing has changed. He should have been arrested for assaulting this boy. Who paid off who I wonder? Now he's principal of Cole Harbour High. Dear God. Why does he even have a job? He's ruined my family's life. He is so corrupt. I will never allow my child to attend Cole Harbour High and he's the reason why.