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Views and Reviews by George S. Schuyler

MAR 6 – 1965
(The opinions expressed in this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily express the policy or opinions of The Pittsburgh Courier.)
A package of dynamite is “The Great Deceit” by my old friend, Zygmund Dobbs, a demon researcher, whose writings are no comfort to many of the luminaries of liberalism in the U. S. A. In his latest book, which bears a foreword by the distinguished

Mr. Schuyler
Archibald B. Roosevelt, son of the former president Theodore, Mr. Dobbs does one of the greatest debunking jobs since the days of the muckrakers at the turn of the century. His special target is the social pseudo sciences, and those who teach them and write the textbooks. In the first place, they are not sciences at all, in the sense of exactitude. They better might be called socialist sciences, since the name science was attached to this socialist propaganda, in order to make it more palatable and acceptable to those already not brainwashed, but eager to be “educated.”

* * *
Mr. Dobbs expresses our present educational system and the Socialist-Communist hierarchy behind it, which was weaned on Marxism, and founded, promoted and developed a dozen socialist fronts to carry on the work. At first, these outfits honestly proclaimed their collectivist mission, like the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. But taking a leaf from the British Fabian experience, they changed that name after World War I, to the League for Industrial Democracy, which carried on as before, with the same leaders, but a more respectable cognomen. There were only a few of these people, but they were strategically placed and zealous in their deceit. It was these people who organized the American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP, the National Urban League, the Americans for Democratic Action, and a dozen other socialist fronts, working for collectivism or the new slavery. This element, virtually, has taken over the management of most of the big funds and foundations, with a bankroll of about seven billion dollars, to subvert our society.

* * *
Presently, large numbers of Federal legislators, Cabinet officers, Supreme Court and Federal District Court judges, state legislators and others belong to the apparatus which is far more sinister than the John Birch Society. The last presidential election was a goldmine for them, and they now, are well burrowed into the fabric of government.
As proof of the hypocrisy of many of these socialists, Mr. Dobbs quotes what they have said privately about the Negroes whom they profess they want to save, and other minorities. Although a converted Jew himself, Karl Marx was violently anti-Jewish, and Hitler never said worse things about the Jews than Marx and Engels did. Beatrice Webb talked about Negroes like Thomas Dixon. Friedrich Engels spoke of the “superior development of the Aryans,” as did all of the German socialists. A French socialist, Albert Regnard, classed the Aryans as “the only race to possess the notions of “justice, liberty and beauty.” To him, the Jewish race was “deplorably inferior.” U.S. socialists, in the post-Civil War era, espoused Aryanism through the Populist movement.
Victor Berger, of Milwaukee, first Socialist Congressman (1911), called the Negro “inferior,” saying “There can be no doubt that the Negroes and mulattoes constitute a lower race.” John M. Work, once Socialist party secretary, promised that “Socialism will relieve you from having to associate with black people.” Franz Boas, the socialist anthropologist, held the Negro brain was smaller than the white.
There is much more to that effect in “The Great Deceit,” which you can get from the Veritas Foundation, West Sayville, N. Y., cloth; paper). It will dispel many of your illusions.

* * *
Nicholas Stix:

This column was sent to me, in scanned form, by Joel T. Lefevre, who is himself what the great Schuyler would have called a “demon researcher.”

I first met Joel at the American Renaissance conference in February, 2008. At the Preserving Western Civilization conference one year later, he handed me one of the last existing copies of the handsomely bound, paperback, The Great Deceit. Among other things, Zygmund Dobbs was the first researcher to show that Franz Boas was a fraud, and may be the only one to likewise expose Gunnar Myrdal. One of Dobbs’ lessons is that where race is concerned, the socialist/communist distinction is a distinction without a difference.

Joel T. Lefevre was for several years Sam Francis’ successor as editor of the Council of Conservative Citizens’ newspaper, The Citizens Informer. More recently, he has served as the Webmaster for several extraordinary sites which, together, comprise a University in Inner exile, containing a treasure trove of knowledge that was banished from the Antiversity and most public libraries so long ago that most of the racial socialists—they call themselves “multiculturalists,” “liberals,” etc., but used to be known as “communists”—today controlling those institutions have never even heard of them.

Keynes at Harvard: Economic Deception as a Political Credo

This is the companion work to The Great Deception, which Joel has downloaded, in complete form, to the Internet, and can be read at no cost! (Joel is presently at work, downloading The Great Deception.)

Manning Johnson

I had never heard of Manning Johnson until a couple of weeks ago, when Joel told me about him, and directed me to the site he had set up. Johnson was a brilliant and fearless black anti-communist. At this site, Joel has downloaded Johnson’s entire work, Color, Communism, and Common Sense, and both a recording and a transcript of Johnson’s farewell address.

Selected Works of R. Carter Pittman

Carter Pittman was a lawyer—but don’t hold that against him—constitutional theorist, and George Mason scholar.

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