Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fake Encyclopedia Wikipedia Harbors Real Blackmailer: Judge Orders Wik to Expose Criminal


Pretend Encyclopedia Co-Founder Jimmy Wales

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By Nicholas Stix

Wikipedia, or as I call it, The Pretend Encyclopedia (TPE), has for years been a libel factory dominated by leftwing frauds, who fill its entries on controversial subjects with lies, while immediately censoring the occasional truth that might find its way in, and whitelisting the truthteller. The people who insert the lies and remove the truths are called “editors”; Wik founder and guru, James “Jimmy” Wales, insists that it is “the encyclopedia anyone can edit.”

It seems that an honest editor finally made an appearance at Wik/TPE, and fittingly, he was allegedly a blackmailer. In “Wikipedia ordered to reveal identity of ‘editor’ accused of blackmailing mother and child,” the Daily Mail’s Colin Fernandez reported,

A businesswoman smeared by an anonymous contributor to Wikipedia has won a landmark legal battle to have her accuser unmasked.

The victim had 'confidential and sensitive' details about her professional life and her child written into her page on the online encyclopaedia.

She also received anonymous threatening letters suggesting her accuser would reveal information to the press.

The businesswoman's identity is secret by order of the court but is thought to be wellknown in business circles.

Now the website has been ordered to hand over technical information to help track down the blackmailer.

The case is the latest example of Wikipedia - which has 325million visitors a month and can be edited by anyone - being used for malicious or mischievous ends.

Mr Justice Tugendhat said in his judgment at the High Court: 'In ordinary language, the mother believes that she is the subject of an attempt at blackmail. On the information before the court, she has reason to believe that.'

The amendments made to the woman's entry involved information about her professional expenses claims and details about her child which the judge did not reveal….

For more on The Pretend Encyclopedia, read my American Renaissance exposé, Wikipedia on Race,” and my modest blog, Wikipedia Follies.

A tip ‘o the hat to the longtime reader who sent me this story at the time.


Anonymous said...

The entry on one of my intellectual mentors Ernest Van Den Haag is execrable and has bothered me for a while.

In the past, however, when I go in to correct the record from liberal smears, it rarely lasts for longer than 48 hours before the borgs change it back.

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