Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If I Can’t Scrounge Up $35,000, They Could All End Up at the Pound! Please Don’t Let That Happen!

By Nicholas Stix

Look at those furry faces, especially Kira, the boxer on the left. Who could say no to the noble boxer, loyal, loving, and protective to a fault? Yes, Ulrich the shepherd pup is eager and cute as a button, but though I’ve never owned one, and one runs into unfashionable boxers with less and less frequency, I’ve heard the stories of people who grew up, beginning as toddlers with long-suffering boxers who let them and their siblings ride them like ponies, without a complaint, let alone a growl, and who spent their childhood with their trusty companion.

And look at how clean and well-cared for they are. And yet, we at VDARE.com must scrounge up $35,000 this month from our loyal readers, or … Let me not even finish my thought.

This is no way to face the approaching Kwanzaa holiday!

The little furry creatures immediately above are named Trooper, Tiger, and Timothy; the large one answers to “Peter.” The little ones may not require all that much in cat food and milk, but the one holding them measures about 74 inches in length, and was bred in a part of northern England where my impression is that the diet consists of scotch and overcooked pot roast. It’s not all that tasty, but it’s not terribly cheap, either. As you can see, his white coat needs to be brushed out, and while he’s generally of good cheer, the times being what they are, he’s getting a bit grumpy.

Help me save them all!

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