Friday, December 04, 2009

Maurice Clemmons Internet Race Hoax Goes Viral

By Nicholas Stix

(At 12:00 midnight last night, I posted this revised version of my NSU/WEJB exposé from 11:33 a.m. yesterday at Webcommentary. See also this update from minutes ago: “Maurice Clemmons/National Black Foot Soldiers Network Hoax Spreads Beyond Neocon Blogs.”)

Among good Republicans, being ignorant about race is a sign of respectability. (Hey, that’s something else they have in common with good Democrats, along with embracing open borders and affirmative action!)

Well, well, well! It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch. First Things’ Gateway Pundit, Fire Andrea Mitchell, The Last Crusade and James Simpson at The American Thinker have all fallen for a hoax by a non-existent group, the “National Black Foot Soldiers Network,” who called black racist terrorist, child rapist, and murderer of four white police officers Maurice Clemmons a “Crowned BOW (Black on White) Martyr” and a “Muslim martyr,” asserted that Clemmons had converted to Islam while in prison, and claimed to have held a demonstration celebrating Clemmons outside of the coffee shop where he murdered the four officers.

The hoax quickly went viral, as one Republican blogger greedily took it, no questions asked, from his comrades. It is still spreading.

It apparently occurred only to Simpson to seek after the original source of the claims. Ninety-nine point nine percent of blog reports derive from the media, but Google News has zero hits about such a demonstration or group. Ding, ding, ding! Bells are supposed to go off in a journalist’s head, in such a situation.

The black supremacist blogs in question are an interlocking set-up, and are doubtless the work of the same mook who set up similar interlocking blogs (Ghetto Bragging Rights, Svengalimedia, etc.), following the Knoxville Horror (see also here) racial atrocity committed by Lemaricus Davisdson, Letalvis Cobbins, and several other accomplices against Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in January, 2007. But even James Simpson believed that “National Black Foot Soldiers Network” was a real group.

The Blogs:

Underprivileged Journalism; Digital Monkeys; National Black Foot Soldier Network; white American hypocrisy, old tradition, new breed; and What would Chicken George say? Black Male Felon was shut down yesterday, but you may be able to access its Google or Bing cache. Meanwhile, the blogger will doubtless set up multiple similar blogs over the next few weeks.

(Ghetto Bragging Rights has since been shut down, but Svengalimedia is still active, though not at its original home.)

The Loopy Characters the Blogs Cite, or Who Have Bylines There:

“Yacub 7 Ali,” “Kirkland Perkins,” “Waldorf Carathers,” “Chicken George,” “Bigger Thomas Jr.” (an allusion to black Communist Richard Wright’s novel, Native Son), “Lucifer Nigaros,” “Alfred '˜Issaquah' Shafford,” “Shakespeare Johnson,” “Mirabeau Johnson,” “Jacque Patrick Fitzgerald,” and my personal favorite, “St. Nicholas Thief.”

Each of the black supremacist blogs, which was often at a free WordPress site, would be up for a few weeks, until complaints by shocked readers led WordPress to shut it down. Back in 2007, I tried to track down the mook behind it all, and did get a name and an area from an Internet tipster I found, and a telephone number (I no longer recall whether the tipster gave me the number, or I found it, based on the information he’d provided me), but no one at the number answered, or responded to my messages. Since I couldn’t confirm the identity the tipster had given me, I couldn’t run with the story. (A certain washed-up TV writer who pretends to be a journalist claimed, based on pure speculation, that a white man whom he named was the blogger in question, but without ever troubling himself to confirm that he had the right guy. His target denied being the blogger in question.)

The Republican bloggers, including James Simpson, all bit, because of the Islam angle. Anyone who took the trouble to read my work, would have quickly identified this as a hoax. But Republican writers are so terrified of race, that they prefer to remain blissfully ignorant about it, and read others who reinforce their ignorance.

It is so important to remain ignorant, because if one really seeks after knowledge about black racism, one will no longer be seen as respectable among the other Republican dunces. And we can't have that, now, can we? Yowser!

On a weird personal note, the black supremacist blogger is himself a longtime reader who, in a cat-and-mouse game, has in the past made explicit references to my work, as well as to the washed-up TV script writer (whose attacks he has mockingly reprinted), and who in August made a veiled allusion to my work, with the phrase, “There’s No Such Thing As Black On White Crime.”

In my June 24 article, “Sotomayor Supporter Robert Morgenthau and His Regime of Racialized '˜Justice' in Manhattan,” I wrote, referring to the Central Park Jogger case,

One has to understand that black supremacists consider brutalizing whites virtuous behavior; the more gruesome, the better. Their reflexive assertions in such cases that blacks were “framed” are smoke-screens; for them, there is no such thing as black-on-white “crime.”


Stogie said...

You rag on endlessly about "neo-cons," so I assume you are a paleocon. My disdain for paleocons matches yours for neo-cons.

Nevertheless, I have linked to this post to warm other conservative sites from biting on this fraud.

Nice to know troofer/pacifists/conspiracists can be useful once in a while.

The Rude Dog said...

Can you feel the love in this room?

I am with you that this stuff is crap, but I can't "prove" it.

the domain name makes it harder to dig up info on the creator.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Malkin reported it.

Josef said...

Don't worry, I was da one who fired the HARM right up some of their satanic asses.

My URL has details.



avondale said...

Why do the majority of blacks look like apes and why is their hair not at all like other racial groups? I believe some Anglo or Asian man screwed an ape and it took, hence the black race.