Sunday, December 06, 2009

2 More Ga. Tech Students Robbed At Gunpoint

Posted: 9:10 am EST December 6, 2009
Updated: 10:05 am EST December 6, 2009

ATLANTA -- Two Georgia Tech students were robbed at gunpoint Saturday, Atlanta police said.

It happened at about 7:05 p.m. near North Avenue and Spring Street.

Police said the two students were walking when a vehicle approached them.

Investigators said one passenger got out, displayed a black revolver and took students’ wallets.

Police said the robber then fled on foot southbound on Spring Street. Investigators said they believe the perpetrator caught up with the vehicle again at another location.

Police said one student was injured during the incident.

Atlanta police and Georgia Tech police searched the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.

* * *

The title above is the one WSBTV gave it. Apparently, the editor wanted to make sure that no one confused it with stories about other Tech students who had been robbed, thinking to himself, “Oh, I already read about that armed robbery.”
I thank longtime reader R, who sent me the article, and who wrote:

The Atlanta blacks have been using Georgia Tech as a hunting ground for some time now. Almost all students here are white or Asian. It's an institute of technology. My guess is that Georgia Tech will eventually come undone because of the crime being conducted by blacks on this campus and Atlanta is certainly not going to do anything about it.

You could take R’s letter, and replace “Atlanta” with “Baltimore,” and “Georgia Tech” with “Johns Hopkins,” and it would be just as true. Larry Auster and Vincent Chiarello have written about the destruction, by violent black racists, of Baltimore, and I have done extensive research (though I am not yet ready to publish more than sections within larger articles on other topics) on the same matter.

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