Saturday, December 19, 2009

“I am Not an American, I am a Muslim”

Tina, one of Larry Auster’s readers writes,

I am a simple school bus driver. Here is a conversation I heard. Last year we had an Iranian girl who loudly proclaimed, when the school was in its Patriotic Songs Celebration (“This Land Is Your Land,” etc.): “I am not an American, I am a Muslim.”

This was done on the bus so all could hear.

This is what they feel, deep down. They don’t think like us, they lie without compunction, they want us dead or out of the way, because they are not fools like the Propositional Nationalists….

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Cracker Americanus said...

The children are not as sophisticated as their parents. This is what the Moslems believe from your cabdriver to President in Thief bahuob. If you are not an American you need to be deported back to the feces pile you crawled out of.