Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Wyatt Earp School of Journalism Maintains Its Bureau Here

By Nicholas Stix

(Note to NSU readers. We Stixes just got back Monday morning from 20 days in Trinidad, visiting The Boss’ family. Rather than dwell on our visit, about which I have much to say, I have chosen instead to jump back into the breach.)

Although I shall not change its name, this blog shall henceforth also serve as the home of what I am dubbing the Wyatt Earp school of journalism, which is a fancy name for what I’ve been doing for over 20 years.

An Earpist has “cop’s eyes,” but not those of today’s emasculated, politically correct, diversity-trained policemen and police persons, who lie at the drop of a pair of handcuffs, in denying the racist character of black-on-white atrocities and everyday outrages alike, and who abuse law-abiding whites and Asians.

An Earpist neither averts his gaze from the crimes being committed around him, nor does he lie about what he sees.

For but one example, an Earpist treats so-called educational institutions, be they Head Start pre-schools, K-12 schools, or universities, as crime scenes, where the taxpayers are daily defrauded, as the sites of violent crimes, and as places where people’s constitutional rights are daily violated.

Like all those claiming to be journalists, an Earpist routinely contends with the professional liars called variously “publicists,” “public information officers,” etc. By contrast, MSM “journalists” treat such conversations as opportunities to further deceive and defraud the taxpayer.

Again, by contrast, while claiming to be part of an enterprise characterized by “organized skepticism,” an MSM “reporter” is glad to serve as the mouthpiece of mouthpieces.

An Earpist follows the dictum of Arnold Dornfield of Chicago’s legendary City News Bureau, which long served as America’s greatest journalistic training ground: “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” (As recounted by F. Richard Ciccone, in Mike Royko: A Life in Print)

In short, in contrast to over 90 percent of the MSM, an Earpist is no more and no less than … a journalist.

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Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Journalism barely exists as a paid profession any more. I hope you can be the exception.