Thursday, August 27, 2009

Longtime Black Reader Disagrees with My Blog on the Conviction of Knoxville Horror Rapist-Murderer Letalvis Cobbins

By Nicholas Stix

Longtime black reader Brenda Verner just wrote to express herself regarding my blog on the conviction, on Tuesday, of Letalvis Cobbins in the first Knoxville Horror murder trial.

In a message dated 8/27/2009 2:35:56 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, bjverner writes:

The last paragraph of your post was an insult to the black citizens who sat on the jury, and to the black citizens of Davidson county. What group has experienced American violence more than African Americans? Who is more like to be the victim of violence than African Americans? African Americans are not only likely to convict black criminals. They are more inclined to call for the death penalty, and indicated by the jury foreman.

My response follows.

Dear Brenda,

First of all, you don't write an old friend like me, without first greeting me by name, and giving me some love! (Smooch, smooch.) There. Now that we've gotten the pleasantries out of the way, let's see what I wrote in that last paragraph:

And that was before I learned that the jury would be packed with blacks, who increasingly oppose pronouncing death sentences even on the most heinous black killers. It would be very unlikely for a jury so constituted to vote unanimously for the ultimate sanction. Should this jury confound my expectation, it would represent a very hopeful sign, regarding the moral fiber of blacks in Davidson County.

First of all, that last paragraph was not “an insult to the black citizens who sat on the jury, and to the black citizens of Davidson county.” I have not yet begun to insult the black jurors, et al.

If anything, in holding out hope for the blacks of Davidson County, I was too nice. All in vain.

Secondly, since the paragraph in question was true, in predicting that a jury packed with blacks would not sentence a heinous killer like Letalvis Cobbins to death, you should be congratulating me on my perspicacity, not blasting me with empty bombast.

What group has engaged in violence more than black Americans? What group has supported violent criminals more than black Americans? What group is targeted for violence by black Americans more than any other? And who has experienced more obscene violence than Channon Christian and Chris Newsom?

There is no group less likely to convict black killers or call for the death penalty against them than blacks.

Gee whiz, Brenda, you of all people ought to know better than to try and cow me with lies and bombast. Who do you think I am, some pussywhipped Republican writer? (Don't answer that!)




Anonymous said...

There is always hope. Cobbins may not last long in prison. I give it about 50/50.

Howard said...

Cobbins will be released in 20 years and will laugh in our faces. It's open season on Whites! You had better arm yourselves. You can rape and murder Whites and sit in a cozy cell for the rst of your life or get released for good behavior.

Henry's Cat said...

They are more inclined to call for the death penalty, and indicated by the jury foreman.

I don't get the last part of this sentence, but do American blacks poll higher in their support for the death penalty than whites? How many black majority juries have voted for the death penalty for black defendants?

Nicholas said...

To Henry's Cat:

I don't know about polls, but I can't remember the last time a black-majority jury voted for the death penalty for a black defendant. Stacking a jury with a majority of black jurors is a guarantee against a death sentence. I'm working on an article on just this topic. She's lying like a Persian rug.