Thursday, August 20, 2009

Support Your Local Black Burglar

By Nicholas Stix

I came across a July 17 blog shilling for race hoaxer Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr., “So, Is A Prominent Havard [sic] University [sic] Being Charged With Owning-A-Home-In-A-Good-Neighborhood-While-Black.” I bring up the blog essay because it is a generic defense of Gates.

It was written by Sandy Gholston, proprietor of The Gholston Post, which he calls “A Blog For The People.”

Henry Louis Gates Jr. one of the most respected scholars in the United States of America, may have become the latest victim of racial profiling. Essentially, it appears that Gates was harassed by police officers because he forced his way into his own home a woman reported seeing “two black males with backpacks on the porch” with one “wedging his shoulder into the door as if he was trying to force entry.” Ah, the infamous two black males accusation. Apparently, two black males look a little bit more suspect in an upscale neighborhood, huh?...

It’s a disturbing tale because it does make (or should make) a person wonder would white guys trying to get into a house have been perceived the same way….

Yeah, why would a guy be upset about being harassed by police for trying to get into his own house and having a dime dropped on him by someone worried about the two black guys? The police come and harass a man getting into his own house and then arrest him on his own property for disorderly conduct. How much of an insult/slap in the face is that? I think most people would have “exhibited loud and tumultuous behavior” (how broad a description is that?) if they found themselves in a similar situation.

The quotes from Gholston are wrapped around a story by the AP’s Melissa Trujillo, “Black scholar's arrest raises profiling questions,” which quotes unchallenged assertions by a couple of Gates’ fellow tenured, Harvard race hustlers that “the arrest is part of a pattern of racial profiling in Cambridge.”

Police didn't “harass” Gates, Gates harassed the policeman.

By the admission of Gates' own lawyer, Gates and the cabby were trying to break into the home. Thus, the 911 call and the police response were entirely justified.

Gates does not own the home, Harvard does, so Gholston’s premise is false, and his title misleading.

White guys would have been treated the same way, but they would have been unlikely to have reacted as Gates had. I recall breaking into my apartment in the middle of the night once, circa 1987, when I had forgotten or lost my keys, and my roommate was out for the night. As I climbed the fire escape to my kitchen window, I was scared to death that someone would call the police, and I’d get shot. So, no, there is no justification whatsoever for Gates’ racist abuse of, and refusal to cooperate with Sgt. Crowley.

Had a white man reacted to a black police sergeant in the same racist, abusive, tumultuous way that Gates did, the Cambridge PD and Middlesex Prosecutor’s Office would not have dropped the charges.

The writer’s racism is showing.

Note that Gholston accepts the report that Gates and his driver were attempting to force entry into the residence. As far as he is concerned, one may not call the police if one sees black men breaking into a residence. Thus, like Gates, he supports black criminals.

Gholston’s racist attack on witness Lucia Whalen for calling the police is part of a widespread campaign of vilification against Whalen, designed to intimidate people out of notifying the police about apparent crimes in progress committed by black boys and men.

From 1962, when James Baldwin began laying the pseudo-intellectual groundwork for the black racial profiling myth, through 1999, when the engineers of the racial profiling hoax enjoyed their breakthrough and beyond, black racists and their white supporters had always been careful to insist that police were variously arresting, assaulting, or murdering innocent blacks who had merely been minding their own business. Because Gates’ supporters acknowledge, as does his own lawyer, that Gates was attempting to break into the home that Harvard provides him, yet still assert that he was a “victim” of “racial profiling,” the Gates race hoax thus represents a new level of confidence and thus of racist evil on the part of black supremacists. How many additional innocents must be murdered by black felons, in crimes that could easily have been prevented, had the authorities not surrendered to the felons' black supremacist accomplices?

Over four weeks after posting his support of Gates’ race hoax, Gholston still hasn’t corrected the mistakes in his title, let alone those of logic and morality in his essay. Gholston has a handsome-looking blog. Unfortunately, as the United Negro College Fund says, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”


uptownsteve said...

The flaw in your argument is that Gates wasn't a burgular but attempting to enter his own home.

Once he proved it was his home, that should have been the end of it.

The cop should have apologized and gone off to fight crime which is what taxpayers like Gates pay him to do.

Instead the cop postured and attempted to intimidate Gates and when the black man didn't show the racist enough teeth for his satisfaction, he arrested him.

End of story.

Shaft said...

How do you know that "...the cop postured and attempted to intimidate Gates...?" There is no witness corroboration of your slander. The minority officer witnesses all stood firmly behind Sgt. Gates. You don't know what you are talking about.

End of story.