Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The New York Times’ Race Hoax/Propaganda Machine: A Bibliography in Progress

By Nicholas Stix

If no publication is named, the article in question was published in the New York Times. Feel free to suggest additional titles in the Comments suggestion.

New York Times: Sally Hemings News.

“The Reunion upon a Hill,” by Lucian K. Truscott IV, July 10, 2003.

“A Family Get-Together of Historic Proportions,” by James Dao, Monday, July 14, 2003.

“Editorial Observer; Interracialism Among the Jeffersons Went Well Beyond the Bedroom,” by Brent Staples, July 16, 2003.

“Giving Thomas Jefferson the Business: The Sally Hemings Hoax,” by Nicholas Stix, Middle American News, December 2003.

“Lust Across the Color Line and the Rise of the Black Elite,” by Brent Staples, April 10, 2005.

“New York Times to Duke Rape Hoax Victims: Drop Dead,” by Nicholas Stix, at various Web sites and Nicholas Stix, Uncensored, August 25, 2006.

“Nicholas Stix’ Absolutely Definitive Account of the Incredible Disappearing Duke Rape Hoax,” by Nicholas Stix, VDARE, January 13, 2007.

“Hate Crimes, Real Crimes, and Relevance,” by James Fulford, VDARE, February 07, 2007.

“Reunited: NY Times Columnists Who Slimed Duke Lacrosse Team,” by Clay Waters, News Busters, March 3, 2009.

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