Monday, June 22, 2009

Letters from Jail Cont’d.: The Heretical 2’s Stephen Whittle

By Nicholas Stix

The Heretical 2 were deported back to not-so-merry England approximately one week ago, faced a judge on June 17, and are scheduled to be sentenced to prison on July 10.

The following letter, dated May 23, was sent from Santa Ana jail to a mutual friend, who transcribed and forwarded it to me on May 31. While that was only hours after I had posted a previous letter from Whittle, it was unfortunately also just a few hours after my pc had suffered the first of at least three crashes in the course of three weeks. (No foul play appears to be involved, just the respective legacies of Bill Gates and Carly Fiorina.) The links were added by yours truly.

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c/o Santa Ana Jail

P.O. Box 22003

Santa Ana, CA 92702

23rd May, 2009

Dear …….,

Thanks for your letter and for the help you've given us. We are appreciative of Nicholas Stix's postings at VDARE and I hope I'm out reading his articles before too long. We shall see.

I'm sorry I didn't respond properly to your arguments last time about an appeal. Yes, "it ain't over till it's over", but we had to take into consideration how long an appeal would take and how realistic we felt were our chances of winning. It would be six months, easily, and we didn't think we had any chance of winning. Judge Peters did her best to demonstrate that.

However, we have had the interview with the LA Times [see also here], who also sent a photographer a couple of days later. The journalist is called Dana Parsons (a male) and is apparently known for investigating the unsackability of LA teachers, which sounds like a topic the average liberal would not want to approach. I don't expect a panegyric for the two of us, but I hope it will alert more people to what's planned for the First Amendment. That's if an article does appear - I'm not counting any chickens, tho' I'd like the Orange County Register to be put on the spot. Whatever you think of the Heretical Two, ours is an interesting story, whether amusing, enlightening, grotesque, or a mixture of all three. Keeping quiet, it seems to me, was a way to avoid a debate. And the OCR claims to be libertarian.

We still have no deportation date, but altho' we could be told to "roll it up" at any time, I'm hoping we have some notice. Either way, gloating should appear in the British media when it happens: two hate criminals get their just deserts, etc. Some of those who are celebrating should think again, however. The race hate laws paved the way for religious hatred laws, which Muslims will be busily exploiting for their own, highly illiberal ends. There is another thought crime prosecution in my home town Preston, I've heard. Members of the British National Party were distributing leaflets pointing out that Muslims, i.e. Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, et al, ran the heroin trade in the U.K. It's an accurate claim, but "truth is no defence" and the Muslim Police Officers Association successfully asked for them to be prosecuted. What Marxists would (I think) call the inherent contradictions of liberalism will bring the current system down in the end, but there will be a lot of misery as it falls and no doubt a lot of misery long after.

Berlusconi's comments are hopeful and Italy may lead the way for Europe. One of the good things about Santa Ana Jail, at least in the immigration section, is the relative lack of "sub-Saharans" (as the DNA analysis of a "gerontophile rapist" in the U.K. termed them -- sub-Saharans are even more over-represented in that branch of violent criminal endeavour than they are elsewhere). Italy is also clearheaded about "Romanians", i.e. gypsies, and I remember a story by a female British journalist about a lesbian couple who ran a bar in Italy. The journalist mentioned the debate about gypsies and the lesbian couple agreed that it was "terrible". The journalist discovered to her horror that they meant the behaviour of gypsies, rather than the nasty right-wing desire to expel them. But gays and lesbians should be among those most opposed to mass immigration, because places like Pakistan and Somalia aren't outposts of liberal enlightenment. Neither is Mexico. Another inherent contradiction and I wish, for that among other reasons, that Pim Fortuyn of Holland were still alive to point it out.

Right, back to my magic squares. It's been an interesting experience to do recreational maths without a computer. Much slower, but that means you have to think harder and end up understanding the problem better. Thank you, ICE!

All best,


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Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Make sure to compare their sentence to what the 2 blacks, "Reon Hall, alias Reon Wong, and Aaron Fitzgerald Gelly," got in your Vdare column. Great work you are doing. You are doing a great job with these two forgotten men, statistics in the UK's system of ethnic cleansing of whites just like the white rape victims.