Monday, April 02, 2018

The Organized Subversion of Justice: Chappaquiddick and the Inauguration Riot


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By David in TN
Monday, April 2, 2018 at 9:43:00 A.M. EDT

I'm reading the new edition of the Leo Damore book on The Chappaquiddick Affair. I've reached page 461, and am on the Inquest. The local DA should have charged Ted Kennedy with Manslaughter and Vehicular Homicide, and taken it to a Grand Jury. Instead, DA Edmund Dinis decided on an Inquest, which doesn't happen when you know who the suspect of a crime is.

In effect, everybody in the Massachusetts legal profession conspired in the cover-up. A member of Dinis' office was feeding info straight to Stephen Smith, Teddy's brother in law and Family Consigliere/Fixer.

The "boiler room girls," Mary Jo Kopechne's "friends," had their stories (lies?) straight at the inquest and have maintained silence for nearly 50 years.

Ted Kennedy had a bigger legal team than O.J. Simpson, literally the best lawyers in Massachusetts. In Damore's words:

"But Dinis had more immediate concerns than the importuning of reporters, threats on his life and a staff of assistants mutinous in their opposition to a reinvestigation of the incident at Chappaquiddick. For all intents and purposes, the inquiry was being conducted by Dinis and Fernandes, two small-time prosecutors bound by the limited experience of a small, economically depressed former mill city confronting a Kennedy political organization, a choir of lawyers, advisers, media controllers, and a network of Kennedy cultists in the press."
Any similarities to what's going on with the Inauguration riot perpetrators?


Anonymous said...

Eight hours on the phone Ted was conferring with advisory staff before he contacted the police. A bad man.

Anonymous said...

Mary Jo was said to have left without her purse & keys.