Wednesday, April 04, 2018

“It Was the Biblical Truth That Lit the Fire in Dr. King's Heart”

By “W”

A contemporary “Conservative” take on this anniversary….

At Lifezette.

N.S.: I commented,

This is delusional. King was either a Marxist, or a black supremacist. A Christian he wasn't.


Anonymous said...

he didn't believe in the virgin birth. he didn't believe in the resurrection. he didn't believe that Jesus was the only way to Heaven. If he was such a great man let the fbi release the tapes that are sealed for another 50 years. why do they think they have to keep them hidden for so long. read what jackie kennedy thought of milk when she heard the tapes that the fbi is hiding. milk may have been a "great" black man but he was and never will be a great American.

Anonymous said...

A confused person but a very sly person?