Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Kyle police crack safe house of illegal alien smugglers, including five illegal human beings, plus five coyotes

By A Texas Reader
wednesday, september 20, 2023 at 10:49:46 p.m. edt

"Kyle police said inside the home, officers located five people who had been smuggled across the u.s.-mexico border. once they arrived in the u.s., police said the smugglers held the victims for ransom to get more money from their families. four of the vic...

"5 men arrested for human smuggling in Kyle, accused of trying to ransom victims."

"the five suspects have been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and trafficking of persons."

N.S.: What about the other five perps?

ATR: There are jobs that only mexicans can do.


Anonymous said...

There's illegal spics,then there are illegal,illegal spics.These are evil,illegal spics.None of them should be here.


Anonymous said...

Important to understand this smuggling ring not just smuggling persons alone. Holds the illegal as a captive for ransom. The illegal has to call home and tell his/her famblee to send more money. This should be a federal offense not just state. Crossing interstate lines for criminal activity. Kidnapping too in some states and as a federal crime too can get you the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Could be too for Texas statistical record keeping purposes these bad guys will be listed as of the white race.