Monday, August 31, 2020

Willie Brown to Democrats and Media: Stop Calling Riots "Demonstrations"

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Aug 30, 2020 4:57 p.m.

"Willie Brown to Democrats and Media: Stop Calling Riots 'Demonstrations'"

"Willie Brown Said Democrats and the Media Should Stop Calling Riots "demonstrations," Because "burning and looting" Will Help Re-Elect Trump.

ATR: “Willie Horton.”

“Willie Brown.”

“What’s the difference?”

I remember saying these words to Jim Babson, a former coworker. I had met up with him in San Diego about 20 years ago. He was living and working in the Bay Area, and was in San Diego on business. I, too, was in San Diego on business.

He and I were dining at a sidewalk pizza joint in downtown San Diego when I said these words to him. It was after I had had a few beers.

Jim had to stifle a laugh afterwards.

And the Third World Negro proprietors of the joint were puzzled as to what I had said.


Anonymous said...

Yet others are saying the word RIOT is racist lol.I think we'd better wait for what Oprah,Lesta,Ava,Whoopie and Don Lemon think of this.Their guidance is what we need on this critical subject.

Anonymous said...

At least 46 people were shot Friday into Sunday night across Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago. ABC 7 reported 47 shot, nine fatally, and NBC 5 reported at least 46 shot with 10 fatalities.
GRA:Gives me a chance to detail some of the shootings I thought up,that would be more interesting than the ones the media always report(drive by,blah blah).

Yolanda Fish,24,was out looking for the fathers of her 6 kids---to try to get some back child support--when gunfire erupted from a passing helicopter.She won't be looking for child support anymore.Police suspect foul play.The helicopter,it turned out,was stolen and the pilot--a White man,told police,men in masks forced him at gunpoint to fly over the South side of the city.
"They kept saying,"No ho gonna get no money no mo."
Police say anyone with information should keep it to themselves,because no arrests will be attempted anyways.
* * *
Bitchetta Jones,25,was getting ready to go out looking for the fathers of her 8 kids--to try to get some back child support--when a dark colored SUV came up on her porch at 60 mph,sending Bitchetta's body parts in 12 different directions.Police suspect foul play.

* * *

Prostitutus Jackson,22,KNEW who and where the fathers of her 3 kids were--which may have been the problem in this case--as she was grabbed by three men of unknown race--with Afros and big lips--and thrown into the trunk of a car.Hours later,Prostitutus was retrieved from the Gary River,with several bullet holes visible.Police suspect foul play.