Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Knoxville News Sentinel Reporter Jamie Satterfield Just Unpacked Knowledge about the Knoxville Horror Carjacking, Kidnapping, Gang-Rape Torture-Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom that She’d Kept to Herself for Almost 13 Years

By David in TN
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 11:54:00 P.M. EDT

Today, Tuesday 10-22, Jamie Satterfield hosted a Knoxville radio talk show. Jamie was more candid in this format than she is in her newspaper stories. I wrote down things she said in a stream-of-consciousness style.

Jamie first heard of the case in a call from a federal prosecutor telling Jamie to have her daughter lock her car door at all times.

She said the crime was “despicable.” What happened? It drove Jamie nuts wondering what happened. There were two groups: The Kentucky group (Cobbins, Thomas, Coleman) and the two based in Knoxville (Davidson and Boyd). The Kentucky group ran back to Kentucky. Boyd and Davidson hid in Knoxville.

Jamie knew of Boyd back in 1994. Boyd is a very bad man. He was a cruel stick-up man who would pistol-whip or shoot his victim without hesitation.

We thought the Boyd trial would be the end. It’s not, but Jamie thinks all the convictions will stand up.

Thomas ending his silence has caused more problems. No suspect ever talked about what was done to Chris Newsom. No doubt who had hands on Channon Christian, much proof. No DNA on Chris, could never determine what happened. Dragged to death with dog leash, socks in mouth, shot three times, raped. None copped to it. “Why, I don’t know,” says Jamie.

Chris’ parents thought Boyd primarily responsible. Jamie thinks Boyd could have been charged in 2007 with the others. Not much more evidence against him in 2019.

Thomas got reduction to testify. Jamie thought Thomas “lied like a dog.” She wonders if Thomas and Davidson “cooked it up?” Davidson’s lawyer knew what Thomas was going to say. Thomas made it look like Boyd did everything regarding Chris, Davidson nothing. Thomas knew nothing—“I didn’t help…. I didn’t see nothing but muzzle flash and fire—Boyd comes back.”

Jamie believes Thomas is helping Davidson, whose lawyers say Thomas’ testimony “exonerates” Davidson in Chris Newsom’s murder.

Boyd goes to prison, Jamie says, “Good riddance.” Davidson wants to use Thomas’ story to get a new trial, or get off death row. Thomas also was helping his old buddy Cobbins. He said on Monday, “never saw Channon.”

[Thomas never used to refer to Channon Christian by name. She was just “that white girl,” as in, “That white girl don’t mean nothin’ to me.”]

Judge Kurtz didn't seem to buy Thomas’ story.

Jamie STILL “[doesn’t] understand why they did it. Why couldn’t they just take the car?”

Jamie says both Davidson and Thomas have “dead eyes.”

Nicholas, will Jamie ever be ready to hear “Why they did it?”

N.S.: according to this site, Jamie is 69 years old. If she hasn’t been ready to face reality by now, she never will.

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