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Black Supremacist, Nation of Islam Serial Murder News

The List: Whites Slaughtered, or Grievously Wounded by the Nation of Islam in California
By Nicholas Stix

A friend recently sent me a scan of the 1974 article which I have transcribed below.

The friend is somebody I became acquainted with through this research—a family member of NOI Zebra victim Stephen M. Conachy, one of the first San Francisco murder victims. I can’t thank him enough.

I have much more material, and more names of white NOI victims from around the country, but I want to get this up now.

The list below was probably put together by Richard Whalley, who ran the California Department of Justice's Intelligence Analysis Unit (IAU). It has some errors, which may be due to the fact that Whalley was either dying, or already dead of cancer. He died in 1974.

Six white NOI victims who were wounded are listed as dead on the 1974 list. I have identified them with asterisks.

Art Agnos, now 79 years old, went on to be elected San Francisco’s mayor, and serve from 1988-1992.

NOI assassins Jesse Lee Cooks, J.C. Simon (aka J.C.X. Simon), Larry Green and Manuel Moore were convicted of the San Francisco murders, and sentenced to life in prison.

NOI members Dale McKinney, 24, Larry Pratt, 26, and Emery Hanson and Russell Lang, both 19, were convicted of the Sacramento murder of Joseph F.M. Belmore, and all sentenced to life in prison. [Here, here, and here.]

I am double-posting this at my Nation of Islam mass murder blog, The Zebra Project, and at my primary blog, Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

Names Of 73 Whose Deaths
Are Tied To ‘Angels’ Group
Friday, May 3, 1974
The Register

The following is the list of murderous assaults in California, with dates and counties, linked by San Francisco Mayor Joseph L. Alioto, to a newly discovered group called the “Death Angels”:

1. Danny W. Crawford, September 14, 1970, Alameda.
2. John Doe, October 25, 1970, Alameda.
3. Norman R. Wagner, October 27, 1970, Alameda.
4. Albert D. Smith, October 27, 1970, Alameda.
5. James Matthew Larson, November 10, 1970, Alameda.
6. Griswold Wilson, November 10, 1970, Alameda.
7. William H. Blanco, June 18, 1971, Los Angeles.
8. James B. Cowen, July 27, 1971, Alameda.
9. Henry D. Bennett, August 12, 1971, Alameda.
10. Jane A. Oleyar, August 29, 1971, Alameda.
11. Arthur E. Silva, September 2, 1971, Alameda.
12. Joseph R. Rusnak, September 18-19, 1971, Alameda.
13. Allason [sp?] Hassenforder, September 18-19, 1971, Alameda.
14. Raymond Novack, September 19, 1971, Alameda.
15. Ernie Styrman, September 19, 1971, Alameda.
16. Bruce W. Lamar, September 19, 1971, Alameda.
17. Wayne Weslely Hancock, December 25, 1971, Los Angeles.
18. Kenneth A. Holden, January 16, 1972, Santa Clara.
19. David Stephenson, June 22, 1972, Los Angeles.
20. Timothy R. Carswell, June 22, 1972, Los Angeles.
21. Bill M. Pieresa, June 22, 1972, Los Angeles.
22. Alex Lewandowski, June 23, 1972, Los Angeles.
23. Raymond T. Sitemore, June 23, 1972, Los Angeles.
24. Allan Lee Brite, October 8, 1972, Alameda.
25. Clay Thomas Carlin, Jr., February 10, 1973, Alameda.
26. George F. Miller, March 19, 1973, Los Angeles.
27. Victor Joseph Zalneraitis, March 30, Los Angeles.
28. Thomas E. Mitchell, April 21, 1973, Alameda.
29. Anna Lynn Suer, April 21, 1973, Alameda.
30. Robert James Loudon, May 19, 1973, Los Angeles.
31. Ronald Keith Parker, July 29, 1973, Los Angeles.
32. Thomas Wayne Kipling, July 30, 1973, Los Angeles.
33. John Dare Joice, August 4, 1973, Los Angeles.
34. Darrell Matott, August 4, 1973, Los Angeles.
35. Jose Vallaroman [Villaroman], August 4, 1973, Los Angeles [San Francisco].
36. Stephen M. Conachy, August 4, 1973, San Francisco.
37. William M. Durno, August 6, 1973, Los Angeles.
38. Stephen C. Frechette, August 12, 1973, San Francisco.
39. Tim R. Hinch, September 9, 1973, Contra Costa.
40. David Sidney Levine, September 11, 1973, Santa Clara.
41. Thomas A. Garrison, September 15, 1973, Alameda.
42. Gordon Swinford, September 25, 1973, Alameda.
43. Kirk Alan Hughes, September 25, 1973, Alameda.
44. Robert M. Weinstein, September 27, 1973, Alameda.
45. Roger M. O’Meara, October 6, 1973, Alameda.
46. Sonia C. Markovich, October 20, 1973, Alameda.
47. Quita Hague, October 20, 1973, San Francisco.
48. Frances R. Rose, October 30, 1973, San Francisco.
49. Robert W. Stockmann, November 9, 1973, San Francisco.*
50. Saleem Erakat, November 25, 1973, San Francisco.
51. Machael Marie Shain, December 3, 1973, Alameda.
52. Kathy Sue Pethtel, December 3, 1973, Alameda.
53. Paul Dancik, December 11, 1973, San Francisco.
54. Arthur Agnos, December 13, 1973, San Francisco.*
55. Marietta DiGirolamo, December 13, 1973, San Francisco.
56. Alario [Ilario?] Bertuccio, December 20, 1973, San Francisco.
57. Teresa DiMartini, December 20, 1973, San Francisco.
58. Eric Benjamin Abramson, December 20, 1973, Alameda.
59. Neal Moynihan, December 22, 1973, San Francisco.
60. Mildred Hosler, December 22, 1973, San Francisco.
61. Tana Smith, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.
62. Vincent Wollin, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.
63. John Bambic, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.
64. Jane Holly, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.
65. Roxann McMillian, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.*
66. Frederick Peter Wagner, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.
67. Thomas Bates, January 29, 1974, Alameda.
68. Thomas Rainwater, April 1, 1974, San Francisco.
69. Linda Story, April 1, 1974, San Francisco.*
70. Terry White, April 14, 1974, San Francisco.*
71. Ward Anderson, April 14, 1974, San Francisco.*
72. Nelson I. Shield [Shields] IV, April 16, 194,7 [1974], San Francisco.
73. Joseph FM Belmore April 24, 1974, Sacramento.

[On or about the same date as the Belmore murder, Raymond Silva, 53, was ambushed in an alley behind his Sacramento home, and killed by an assassin with a shotgun blast.]


Anonymous said...

The final update on the double murder in GR.
Last night,WZZM did an interview,with the grandfather of the 2 yr old,shot by Norman Muhammad (now deceased,as reported Saturday).
Muhammad collapsed after a police chase
and died a week later,in the hospital.I commented,"probably years of using cocaine."Bingo.
The grandfather revealed that his wife,who was a drug addict herself,had left him to live with Muhammad,and was trying to decide who to live with.He also said,"Muhammad was a longtime drug user--and that's what probably killed him."The wife had shacked up with Muhammad for a while (to get drugs no doubt)but had decided to leave Muhammad.Muhammad reportedly said,"If I can't have you,no one will."
You know the rest.
The black grandfather will probably have some peace and quiet without the cheating,drug addicted wife around--but he doesn't sound very smart and will undoubtedly pick another loser chick,in the future.
That's all folks
---GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

We've been looking for this list for a long time. San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto gave it out, but very few newspapers printed it. On page 147 of Thomas Peele's book, "Killing the Messenger," which I have previously referenced:

"The body of a woman with gruesome hack wounds very similar to Quita Hague's was found dumped in an industrial area not far from the Oakland Athletics' baseball stadium."

This one is mentioned in Clark Howard's "Zebra" on page 35 of the 1980 paperback edition.

The murdered woman was apparently Sonia C. Markovich, on October 20, 1973. This is the same date as the abduction-murder of Quita Hague and horrific wounding of her husband, which took place after a failed attempt to kidnap and murder three white children.

Three years ago I sent you a Stanford Daily piece on the murder of David Levine who is on the list.