Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How Trump Won the Second Presidential Debate

By Nicholas Stix

Either the day before or a few hours before the debate, one of Trump’s concern troll enemies said (on CNN?), “Donald Trump is listening to no one but Donald Trump.”

And that’s how he won!

The concern trolls, both within and without the GOP, have for over one year ordered Trump not to counterpunch, and to be submissive.

“Take the oath to support whoever wins the nomination.” “Stick to the script” [with the patriotic populism censored].” “Endorse the neocon party leaders [who hate your guts, and have been relentlessly stabbing you in the back].” “Look presidential [like Mitt Romney, in 2012].” “Don’t defend yourself [against calumnies against you].” “Be contrite [even if you have no reason to be].” “Don’t get aggressive, after you’ve made a mistake [even if you didn’t make a mistake].”

In other words, nothing about “We’re going to build a wall,” “We’re going to stop Muslim immigration,” Hillary’s corruption and viciousness, etc.

Their advice was guaranteed and intended to cost him first, the nomination, and then the election.

If Trump had heeded such poisoned advice, he would been slaughtered in the second debate, and the election would now be over.

Considering that the people claiming that Trump wouldn't listen to anybody else were all plotting his political destruction, the candidate would have done better to keep his own counsel, all along.


Anonymous said...

"If Trump had heeded such poisoned advice, he would been slaughtered in the second debate, and the election would now be over."

The whole appeal of Donald is that he speaks his own mind and HAS his own mind. That is what people have always been saying we need in a President. NOT merely an actress reading a script [Hillary].

jeigheff said...

I'm deeply concerned that Hillary just might win this election. As Matt Drudge said, there are plenty of people who would vote for Hillary even if her brain was sitting in a jar on a table.

Still, it's hard for me to believe that Hillary would dare to attack Trump or anyone else concerning their morality. What the hell did Hillary think Trump would do when she tried to back him into a corner concerning his locker room talk from years ago, right off the bat in the second debate? Did she really think that Trump would cringe and cower? Trump gave Hillary plenty of fair warning at the end of their first debate, when he told her that there were plenty of things he could have said about her and her family, but didn't. Hillary and her staff must not have been listening.

I have read that Bill and Hillary Clinton are both narcissists (along with the John Doe who calls himself Barak Obama.) This explains a lot of their behavior. They genuinely can't believe it when anyone calls them on anything.

Hopefully Trump is saving his best for the last in the upcoming third debate. Hillary must be dreading it, because she now knows who she's up against. I hope he hammers her on wanting to "go full Merkel" regarding unbridled legal and illegal immigration if she gets elected. I also wouldn't mind hearing him talking about the more sordid aspects of Hillary and Bill's morality, but I reckon that probably won't happen.

Trump ain't perfect, and I haven't enjoyed hearing him pander to blacks and hispanics (although his calls for law and order must not sit well with lawbreakers.) I have read that if Trump is elected, there will inevitably be some disappointment on what he can deliver, considering all the damage that has already been done to our nation in the last fifty years. I'm still voting for him. He's a better candidate and human being than his opponent.