Wednesday, October 12, 2016

On Don Lemon’s CNN We Hate Trump Show, It’s 4-1 Haters Against Lone, Skinny, Female Trump Supporter

By Nicholas Stix

Bob Cusack, lefty, Trump-hating editor of The Hill, was on with racist, Trump-hating, Reconquista “Democratic Strategist” Maria Cardona; black lesbian Symone Sanders, Bernie Sanders’ former communications director; and gay, Trump-hating, black supremacist, CNN host, Don Lemon.

Oh, and 100-lb., Trump representative, Kayleigh McEnany.

Cusack asserted that it was wrong for Trump to defend himself during the second debate with Hillary Clinton. He should have just shown contrition.

Translation: Cusack: ‘I hate Trump, and support Hillary!’

This was one of those transparent Trump-hater statements. Trump cannot win the debate or the election, unless he goes on the offensive. If he’s always apologizing, he looks like a loser. That’s why his enemies cast everything he does, no matter how strong, as a “mistake,” for which he must apologize.

I don’t think he should have given any apologies. Not for defending himself against the Khan-con, not for the “locker room” tape.

As he pointed out during the debate (or was it McEnany afterwards?), Hillary Clinton has never apologized for anything.

Being a communist means never having to say you’re sorry.


Anonymous said...

4-1?That's not even an accurate gauge,because the one Trump guy can barely get a sentence out,before he is interrupted and drowned out by the Clinton mob.But this is just another in a long line of instances where cable (and more horrifically)network news has sold their souls to the Clinton campaign.The networks are unashamedly pro Clinton,pro black,anti police and anti Trump.This unholy alliance of media and Clinton must have been there all along,but became blatantly apparent when Trump started getting close to being the Republican nominee.
Obviously,Obama was never criticized during his 8 years and his agenda was pushed by guys like Lemon and Lesta Holt.They are the faces--the spokesmen,but the executives above them are the ones pushing the buttons of course.The executives chose the anchors that represent their--and the Democrat agenda.Network news in its conceptional stage,was meant to be objective--a place to hear the news,without a political slant.That has now joined the dodo bird in extinction.
What we've seen in the last year,is the Democratically controlled executive office and its offshoot cabinet and judicial branches have absorbed previously independent areas of our country.I mentioned this before.
In the last months and years,we have lost:
1)An independent press
2)An independent Federal Reserve.The Fed has also given up the ghost and any hint of hiding their preference of another Democratic administration.This last February,Obama and Janet Yellen had an emergency meeting at the White House (which never happens except in market crashes),that I presumably saw as an order to keep the stock market propped up until the election.
3)An independent FBI.
4)An honest Justice Department
5)A two party system.They have morphed into one corrupt entity.The Republicans are fighting to keep the status quo (Clinton),by opposing THEIR OWN CANDIDATE!There is only one party--the Communist Global Party and its leader is Soros and understudies Obama and Clinton.
Meanwhile,the United States has ceased to exist.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Ny Times is publishing a story with several women coming out--one in her 60s,saying Trump grabbed her 30 years ago.
I think it's time that Trump supporters start organizing protest rallies at these corrupt corporate headquarters--NBC,CNN,NY Times,for starters--and demand resignations from these media executives.Start with the CEOs and work your way to the on-air personalities.I will be posting this elsewhere as well.
--GR Anonymous