Monday, July 04, 2016

Remember When America was Represented by Stout-Hearted Men Like This? (Graphic)


Anonymous said...

Kudos.Hope he actually does the deed.
Meanwhile,an interesting story out of South Haven.WXMI-Fox 17 reporting that a beach had to be closed last night due to(according to bloggers),"the wrong people showing up...and you know -who that means",engaging in violent activity.
A pre-fireworks gathering turned violent as bottles were thrown--at beachgoers AND police.Several injuries.There is a video showing many blacks walking down a street with some whites in a town that is 81% white.I'll post some blog comments below.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

WWMT out of Kalamazoo reporting on this story as well,showing video of many blacks inciting.Reports of arrests for drug dealing,assault and rioting have been confirmed by WWMT.Put THIS on your next commercial,Nationwide!!!
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...


Even though you leave out the details, Americans know exactly who attacked the police.

JULY 4, 2016 AT 12:14 AMREPLY


I think you are giving Fox17’s staff too much credit. I doubt they even had any details. Think about it, this happened all the way in South Haven, so you know they didn’t send anyone down there. There wasn’t anyone that they could call and ask, so all they really had to go on was the sketchy info that the police department issues online in the public release (which Fox17 imagines that most people don’t have access to for some reason). And they don’t have any initiative to do any sort of investigation themselves. Besides, this whole article is nothing but anonymous third hand information, so any details that it would include couldn’t be considered reliable anyway.

That said, I understand what you are implying. But why aren’t you coming right out and saying it? You seem a little hypocritical when you bash the site for not saying it and then you won’t say it either.

JULY 4, 2016 AT 7:00 AMREPLY


It was the Van Fuhlablaachs. They are Dutch, right?

JULY 4, 2016 AT 1:42 PMREPLY


I wondered about that. I’d be curious to see the details of exactly who it was causing the problems. However, according to Wikipedia South Haven is over 81% white.

JULY 4, 2016 AT 7:12 AMREPLY


Look at the demographics for the surronding communities of Covert, Bangor, and Benton Harbor. Same exact thing happened at Silver Beach last year. Used to go to South haven for the 4th ages ago and everyone was pretty drunk mostly having fun, not angry, starting mass fights, and throwing bottles at police, etc. It will be interesting to see what happens at Silver Beach tonight, they have already had issues this year with some elkhart, indiana and benton harbor people getting into a argument over “something”, drugs, had over 20 shots fired with no one getting hit thank god.

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Watch the videos that were being put on twitter from some kid of the fights. Not saying there wasnt white trash there causing issues but it was fine 3/4 of the day until a different crowd showed up in the evening.

JULY 4, 2016 AT 12:58 PMREPLY


This is what happens when civilization is invaded by the uncivilized.

JULY 4, 2016 AT 8:21 AMREPLY


My guess it started with someone in white frame sunglasses shooting off their mouth.

JULY 4, 2016 AT 9:18 AMREPLY

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Young people with piercings and tattoo’s have no respect for anyone or anything.

JULY 4, 2016 AT 9:47 AMREPLY


Just like the Alpine and Leonard shooting,it’s like pulling elephant teeth to get info from the cops on what the hell is going on.Media drops it immediately because they’re pressured not to give an area a bad name.Tell us the truth –we can handle it.
From WXMI website.