Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Donald Trump is Likely to Enter GOP Convention in Cleveland on June 18 with at Least 1,492 Delegates; Here’s How

By Nicholas Stix
Corrected on Wednesday, May 4, 2016, at 10:03 p.m.

Trump needs 1,237 delegates to clinch the Republican presidential nomination. He presently has 1,047, and with the departure of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, no real competition. However, unbound delegates are jumping to Trump on a daily basis. And yet, I am not counting any unbound delegates that have not yet declared for Trump. The following totals are for the nine Republican primaries left before the Republican National Convention, to take place from June 18-21 in Cleveland.

Note that CNN’s John King came up with an even more optimistic scenario last week. King maintained that Trump could wake up on June 7 already with the required 1,237 delegates. A sweep on that day would then give him a total of 1,540 delegates. By what electoral arithmetic King came up with that scenario I do not know. Presumably, he foresaw many more unbound delegates jumping on the Trump bandwagon.

The following list has the date, state, and number of delegates up for grabs

May 10:

Nebraska 36
West Virginia 34

May 17:

Oregon 28

May 24:

Washington 44

June 7:

New Mexico 24
Montana 27
South Dakota 29
New Jersey 51
California 172

So much for a brokered, rigged convention. Trump beat the system.


antipater_1 said...

Nicholas - I think you mean South Dakota with 29 delegates and not San Diego!

Nicholas said...

Thanks for the correction! That's what I get for blogging at 2 a.m. "SD" usually means "San Diego" (Padres) to me!