Monday, July 21, 2014

Capital One: No White Men Need Apply



By Nicholas Stix

Above is the photograph Capital One uses to promote itself as one of America’s best firms to work for, and which Fortune found just peachy keen.


Anonymous said...

It seems all the American companies do that in their ads.

A woman, a negro, an Asian, etc.

Show other than a whitey face.

That is for cosmetic purposes to assuage the government? In reality they probably prefer and do hire mostly whitey and mostly whitey men?

Anonymous said...

Same as for the billboard ads for institutions of higher learning what they are called.

Every face is a woman, a racial minority, etc. Sometimes a whitey man but rarely so.

Anonymous said...

There is actually a federal law that governs this sort of stuff.

Like for home ownership. Showing an ad for potential home buyers must show minority groups as present in an equitable basis.

In the Chicago metropolitan area, if 33 % of the populace is a racial minority, 33 % of those persons shown in home buyer ads must be a racial minority.

By law.