Thursday, May 16, 2013

Big-Butt White Women, the Mysterious Moving Gun, and the Non-Sleeping Jurors: Day 2 of the George Thomas Knoxville Horror Re-Trial


War crime victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

A Knox County mug shot of war crime defendant George Thomas

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By Nicholas Stix

On Tuesday, among other witnesses, several white women who had known George Thomas testified.

Daphne Sutton had been Lemaricus Davidson's white girlfriend. They had met when she had served him at a Sonic restaurant, where she'd been a waitress.

Sonic restaurants are a chain of Southern, mostly Tennessee-based, retro-50s'-style restaurants where waitresses serve customers outside of the restaurant in the latters' cars.

She testified that she had lived with Davidson for a few months in the fall and early winter at the house on (2316) Chipman Street, where they were both on the lease. At first, her two small children were in the house with them, but when she left him and then returned to him around Thanksgiving, 2006, she left them with her parents.

The problem was, "He kept putting his hands on me."

On January 5, she moved out again. Early that day, Davidson had choked her, and thrown her against a wall.

The next night, Davidson would carjack, kidnap, and gang-rape Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, and murder Newsom. (He and his cohorts would continue torturing and raping Channon Christian for another 12-14 hours, before jamming her bound body in a fetal position, covered in plastic bags, in a big garbage can, to slowly asphyxiate.)

However, it came out through the testimony of Sutton and other witnesses, that before, during, and after the crime, Lemaricus Davidson was obsessively seeking to sleep with a white woman, whether with consent, or via the most brutal rape imaginable. At times, he was leaving the house on Chipman Street, with Channon Christian bound and gagged there, confident that he could rely on his cohorts in the house to watch her. This also emphasizes, yet again, how ridiculous the claims of Letalvis Cobbins, Vanessa Coleman, and George Thomas are, that they were somehow prisoners in that house.

Davidson was leaving messages with Sutton's girlfriend, and appearing at the house where Sutton was staying.

Taylor Shattucks was a white girlfriend of Daphne Sutton's. She testified that on Friday, January 5, 2007, Davidson called her, saying that he had no place to stay, and asking if he could stay with her. (He was lying; he still had the house on Chipman Street.) She told him no, because, as she explained, if her boyfriend found out, "It would mess me up with my boyfriend."

Davidson was seeking to get into Shattucks' pants, and its not clear that Shattucks would have minded that, if her boyfriend hadn't been around.

When they were going to and from the witness stand, I noticed something that Sutton and Shattucks both had in common: Strikingly large behinds for white women.

Sutton, 27, is buxom yet trim, and was dressed in a modest knit dress or top with horizontal black and gray stripes, and black pants or leotards, but one part of her anatomy jumped out at you.

Shattucks, who I believe was the same age, and also has at least two children, was also modestly dressed, and a little chubby, but also had an ample derriere.

It is no secret the many black men have a thing for big butt women.

To return to Sutton, she eventually "made up" with Davidson. On the night of Sunday, January 7, just hours after he had repeatedly raped Channon Christian, and while she was slowly asphyxiating in a garbage can, Davidson was having sex with Daphne Sutton.

She testified that on the morning of Monday, January 8, she lay in bed next to Davidson at her girlfriend's house, the girlfriend handed her a cellphone on which Sutton's mother told her that the police were searching for Davidson. Sutton testified that although Davidson couldn't hear what her mother had said, he sensed as much.

Another white friend of the crew, Natosha Hayes, who lived in Lebanon, Kentucky, and in whose home Letalvis Cobbins, Vanessa Coleman, and George Thomas were arrested on January 11, that a woman who cleaned house for her found a silver, .22 caliber revolver (presumably Cobbins') under a bed on January 12, even though police had searched the house on the 11th. Hayes turned the gun over to the police.

Were the police who searched the house on January 11th incompetent? Had they planted the weapon? Had Hayes or someone else had the weapon secreted elsewhere, and placed it under the bed, after the police left? Neither side pursued the matter.

I had a few brief conversations with Chris Newsom's father, Hugh, and one with his mother Mary, during breaks and at the end of the day. At one point, they remarked that the jurors were of better quality than the ones previously bused in from Davidson County. These jurors, at least were staying awake, while several of the previous Davidson jurors often dozed off in court.

However, the prosecution is not putting on a muscular case this time around, while the defense is going for the jugular, so that wakeful or no, this jury presently is in danger of being hung, or even voting to acquit Thomas.


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PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

FWIW; an updated repost:

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Chicago guy said...

If this were a white on black case there would be wall-to-wall coverage as in the Zimmerman case. The media in this city doesn't even mention this one. If it weren't for the internet the news of this case would have been kept as local as possible. It boggles the mind that some white women would have been involved with this sadistic black freak but there you have it. How can something like that be explained? The creep has no apparent charm and is ugly looking to boot.