Sunday, May 12, 2013

Malcolm Shabazz Photos

Photo By Xiomara Michel/Associated Press
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Malcolm Shabazz, 28, had run into trouble in the past. (AP Photo/Courtesy of the Shabazz family, Xiomara Michel)

Photo: Xiomara Michel, Associated Press / The Shabazz Family


Chicago guy said...

There's a history of mental illness in the Malcolm X family. His father may have committed suicide and his mother was institutionalized. It might be hereditary.

PDK said...

Shabazz's death was true "black", social justice. Not the phony baloney black social justice promoted by both black leaders and their black followers who employ the low brow, thuggery of the shakedown con game.

The "boy" Shabazz truly had the number 666 imprinted upon him, he truly was of the devil's brood, one look at those devils ears of his should say it all, but if not look at his behavior, murderer among other vile traits, and then deduce his character.

I for one am glad he is gone. Thanks.