Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Prince George’s County Serial Killer: Who is the New “Brilliant” UPS “Criminal Mastermind” Expected to be Indicted Today?

Murder victims Delores and Ebony Dewitt

By Nicholas Stix

Yesterday, a criminal justice official in Prince George’s County, Maryland hinted that today, between 1 and 2 p.m., an indictment would come down in the case of the suspected serial killer whom authorities believe murdered two sets of mothers and daughters in the county— Delores (42) and Ebony (20) Dewitt, and Karen (45) and Karissa (16) Lofton, in and around Largo —as well as Vilma Butler (46) in Bowie, and other victims in Texas and Florida.

Murder victims Karen and Karissa Lofton

Citing the law regarding grand jury proceedings, the official refused to confirm the identity of the suspect, but other Prince George’s County and/or federal officials have been leaking like a sieve over the past week.

The suspect is 27, worked at UPS, and was already in custody on federal charges for selling stolen guns. My research turned up one solitary match for that profile: Jason T. Scott, who was arrested in July 2009, along with an alleged accomplice, for allegedly selling stolen guns out of his car trunk in the parking lot at UPS, where he worked.

Should Scott be charged, he would of course enjoy the presumption of innocence.

The last time a “brilliant” UPS “criminal mastermind” was in the news, it was mass murderer Brian Nichols, on whom I reported in March 2005. Such media praise for pure evil has become a code for, ‘the assailant is a black man who studied something more substantial than African-American Studies in college.’

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