Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet Prince George’s County Serial Murder Suspect Jason Thomas Scott


By Nicholas Stix

jeffatgzg wrote:

pofinpa wrote: ‘another sensational case for the whining news media to glorify. keep in jail,speedy trial and execution be fore naacp , aclu jump to this scums rescue.’

Nice attempt at race-bating [sic]. Funny thing is, nowhere in the article does it state that the suspect is black, however you jump to that conclusion with glee.

Let me guess...you get most if not all of your worldview from watching FoxNews and listening to Rush Limbaugh, don't you?

Do us all a favor pal...if the best you can bring to the conversation is a lame attempt to smear the NAACP and ACLU, why don't you just keep your opinions to yourself next time.

People like you are what is wrong with America today.
7/21/2010 7:35:42 AM

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise! The suspect is black.

This is no fluke. As I wrote earlier today, the recent news stories by the Washington Post’s Jason Zapotosky, in which he quoted Prince George’s County police Chief Roberto L. Hylton praising the killer’s brilliance, left little doubt that Chief Hylton was convinced that the killer was black. Authorities don’t praise the “brilliance” of white criminals.

Add to that, that if the police had believed that a white man was a serial killer of black females, it would have been national news, trumpeted as “racist hate crimes.”

Millions of honest, intelligent white readers like pofinpa routinely read censored and coded MSM crime stories with such issues in mind, as they seek to piece together who did what to whom.

Just don’t hold your breath, waiting for jeffatgzg to apologize for his race-baiting attack on pofinpa. You see, in his racist, lefty mind, jeffatgzg is always right. Even when he’s wrong. After all, didn’t he say that folks like pofinpa, whom he presumes to be white and Republican, have no right to freedom of speech, and indeed “are what is wrong with America today”? Not black serial killers.

jeffatgzg and his ilk troll at sites like the Post, not out of an interest in the facts, but in order to seek and suppress facts, though race-baiting honest readers.

(My reader-researcher helped me on this, as on the other pieces I have written on this case.)

Postscript 5:46 p.m.: pofinpa was guilty, however, of one factual error: Maryland is not a death penalty state. Thus, no matter how many people someone murders, the most he can be sentenced to is "life until parole."


Anonymous said...

HLN has 3 hours of "crime" news every day from 6-9 pm ET. They haven't mentioned this story so far. ABC Nightline is supposed to cover it tonight (Tuesday).

David In TN

Nicholas Stix said...

Thanks, David, I'll try and catch it.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Nightline segment. Someone should tell ABC that these are not the only recent horrors in which bleach and arson are used to hide forensic evidence. Thomas was described as an "American Psycho" who is a cerebral killer.

David In TN