Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chicago Priest "Killer" Pfleger Stalks the Pews Once More

(Check out my Wikipedia exposé, “Wikipedia on Race,” in the July 2008 American Renaissance!)

By Nicholas Stix

Yesterday, at his blog, Blithe Spirit, my Oak Park, IL journalist friend, Jim Bowman, wrote “From the streets a message,” about white Catholic Chicago priest, Fr. Michael Pfleger, who had been suspended by Francis Cardinal George from his parish, St. Sabina, for two weeks, following a racist rant Fr. Pfleger had delivered against Hillary Clinton as a guest preacher at black supremacist Trinity United Church of Christ, until recently the church of Our Savior, Barack Christ.

Bowman was responding to a Chicago Tribune story by Margaret Ramirez and Rex W. Huppke, which quoted Chicago activist Tio Hardiman as saying, “Father Pfleger has always been a community activist first and a Catholic priest second.”

Bowman wrote, in part, “Fr. P. ain’t nothin’ without holy mother church as his sponsor, and with all his fulmination and histrionics he knows it.”

Bowman was mocking Fr. Pfleger’s habit of trying to sound like a black man.

My own take was,
You’re right, of course. He doesn’t serve the Church; he uses it.

I have more respect for Church teachings than that man does. About a month ago, I checked St. Sabina’s Web site. Of its scheduled guest speakers, not a single one was Catholic.

And he has no grasp of his own racism. He thinks he can hate whites all he wants, without being a racist. And he has taken on some of the worst vices of the black Protestant clerical tradition: Exploiting Christianity for political gain, fomenting racial hatred, and acting as an unelected political demagogue. The only vice from that tradition he isn’t, to my knowledge, guilty of, is seducing the parish’s prettiest women.
Jim Bowman has been devoting several blogs per day to Obama. His newest piece on Fr. Pfleger, whose suspension just ended, “St. Sabina, pray for us,” reports that he “is saying he won’t change, now that he’s back in his St. Sabina pulpit.”

The good father, a practitioner of Black Liberation Theology (no, that is not Catholic order; in fact, it’s not Christianity but straight-up, simple black supremacy) who worships a black God, and who calls his parish church a “faith community,” is back to his old habit of organizing local blacks to protest in behalf of the confiscation of all legal guns, which he fantasizes will solve the problem of criminals killing people with illegal guns.

One year ago, Fr. Pfleger threatened to murder (“snuff”) a legal gun dealer and any Illinois legislators who failed to go along with his illegal, unconstitutional crusade. Illegal, because his political agitating violated his Church’s non-profit status, and unconstitutional, because he sought to violate citizens’ Second Amendment rights. I guess, since Fr. Pfleger fantasizes that he’s a black man, and black preachers violate the tax laws with impunity, he too can tread the laws under foot.

He later insisted that he had no idea that “snuff” means to murder. So, honesty isn’t his strong suit, either.

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