Monday, June 23, 2008

Barack Obama, “Killer” Pfleger, and Post-Racial Ethics: A Reader Writes

Last night the following letter arrived, in response to my June 19 blog, “Suspension Over for Obama Adviser Pfleger, Anti-White RC Priest,” from Prof. William E. Garland, of Newark, New Jersey’s Seton Hall Law School.
You accurately report Pfleger's call for violence against a legally licensed firearms dealer which happened at a rally outside the dealer's business in an effort to shut it down. Just as in Wright's case, Pfleger, another long term associate of Obama, was featured on Obama's website despite his having publically encouraged criminal conduct, being removed only after insulting Ms. Clinton. Apparently in Obama's value system insulting a fellow politician is a more serious matter than trying to incite a mob to kill an ordinary citizen.
I couldn't have put it better myself. The list of wonderful things about Sen. Obama is seemingly endless.

It galls me to no end that the media portray a man as racist, ruthless (also here and here; hell, I could add 100 “here’s”), corrupt and transparently phony (and here) as Obama as some sort of bloody saint.

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