Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Channon Christian’s Ordeal: Knoxville Horror Torture Testimony

By Nicholas Stix

(Check out my Wikipedia exposé, “Wikipedia on Race,” in the July 2008 American Renaissance!)

(Warning: The following post contains gruesome details.)

Upon discovering the corpses of Christopher Newsom, 23, and his girlfriend, Channon Christian, 21, on January 7 and 8, 2007, respectively, Knoxville, Tennessee authorities stonewalled the media as to the cause of death and the bodies’ condition. In response, white supremacist Internet radio host Hal Turner set in motion rumors that the assailants had lopped off Newsom’s penis and one of Christian’s breasts. But what Channon Christian actually endured proved every bit as bad as the rumors....

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Howard said...

Hal Turner is NOT a White Supremacist. White Supremacists do not exist. Hal Turner is a racially proud White-Christian Nationalist who has used strong language and actions to spread a pro-White message. He was the FIRST to break this story because his contacts in the KPD (who are also Ku Klux Klansmen)told him. God bless Hal Turner.

Anonymous said...

Howard, Hal Turner didn’t break this, or to my knowledge, any other story. Turner fabricated and spread a phony rumor claiming that the assailants had chopped off one of Channon Christian’s breasts and Christopher Newsom’s penis. I then tracked the hoax back to Turner, and reported on it in my first KH story, for American Renaissance on May 14, 2007. Either Turner was lying about having contacts within the KPD, or he has contacts, and they lied to him. Since contacts would have had access to the facts, it is much more likely that Turner is the liar in question. And you have the gall to call him a “reliable source”!

In attempting to rehabilitate Turner’s discredited race hoax, you are sounding like a black supremacist, with the qualification that where they make up lies out of thin air, you are replacing the truth of the KH atrocity with a hoax. I’ll leave it to my readers, to decide who is worse. And as for whether Turner is a white supremacist, my editors and I have been overly generous to him. The only alternative identifier appropriate to someone like Turner is “neo-Nazi.” (I suppose you'll tell me they don't exist, either.)

As for whether Turner is a Christian, I wasn’t aware that he identified himself as such, but hell, if the likes of Michael Pfleger, Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack and Michelle Obama can call themselves Christians, I guess Hal Turner can, too.

Howard said...

The allegations of the genital mutilations were never denied by the KPD. In the article you wrote you ask the question and the KPD will not answer your question. They are covering up horrible torture that will not come out until all the savages go to court.

As for Turner being a White Supremacist he is not. I repeat, he is a Christian White Nationalsit. Give me an example of Turner claiming the desire to enslave people of other races. You know, Jared Taylor is called a "White Supremacist", but he is not. The word White Supremacist is used to discredit all members of the pro-White community. I'm surprised you have sunk to the level of the ADL and SPLC.

Turner is a Christian. If you visited his website or listened to his radio show you would know that. Pfleger, Wright and Obama are not Christians, but Communists. In a recent blog I have called out Pfleger. I ask the question why he is still breathing.

As far as your editors go, they are good men. Brimelow and Taylor are men that are role models for all WHites. They are courageous and intelligent. I like their work, especially Taylor. But, Hal Turner had the balls to travel to Knoxville in May 2007 and say, "NO MORE SAVAGE BLACK CRIME!" Go to youtube and search Hal Turner and you can listen to his anti-genocide sppeech. Your editors did not have the balls to do that, you did not have the balls to do that, I don't have the balls to do that. Hal Turner has proven his bravery. He is a credible source. Why don't you call him and ask him if what he said is true. His phone number is 201-484-0060. You can talk to him personally.