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The White Supremacist, the Jew, and the Knoxville Horror

Alex Linder Interview I Transcript, April 6, 2007

(Part of "The Knoxville Horror: Crime, Race, and the Media," October 31, 2007,

Linder Interview II

Linder Interview III

Nicholas Stix (NS): You told me [in your email] that you’re holding the rally on May 26th.

Alex Linder (AL): Correct.

NS: So that will be Memorial Day Weekend?

AL: Yeah.

NS: And do you have any idea how many people you expect, or hope to get to show up?

AL: No, I really don’t. We’re advertising it on our forum, and wherever we can. And we are going to do some prep work to get the general public, but all are welcome, so we’ll see.

NS: Right. And do you have any idea of speakers you intend to invite?

AL: Yeah, I’m going to speak, we’re going to have Hal Turner speak, probably have Ed Fields speak.

NS: Ed Field [sic]?

AL: Yeah, and possibly one or two others.

NS: Now, I don’t have to tell you that this, these crimes have undergone a media blackout, in terms of the national media.

AL: That’s correct.

NS: How do you explain that?

AL: Well, it’s the Jewish media control. And the fact that any kind of non-white crime doesn’t fit their agenda, so they suppress it.

NS: Now, various reports have been published in, on blogs – both white and black blogs, oddly enough – which have claimed that both victims were sexually mutilated. I’m sure you’re familiar with these reports.

AL: Yes.

NS: No officials in local law enforcement in Knoxville or federal law enforcement have made these reports, to my knowledge. I’ve spoken with people, and they’ve refused to make any statements. Well, they’ve variously said they don’t know, the feds have, and local law enforcement has refused to confirm or disconfirm any of these reports. Do you have any idea where these reports have emanated from?

AL: Well, as best I can tell, they’re coming from people who are inside there who are relating it through [sighs] oh, by the time you get in a blog it’s either second or third person, but what are you gonna do? This stuff is always hushed up.

[Chuckles]. I would have to [pauses] Oh, God. I spent a couple of nights reading through everything and there’s, that’s out there, and it’s pretty clear it’s coming from the cop, investigation that they, that they sodomized ‘em, and they pissed on ‘em, and they dumped chemicals on ‘em.

NS: No, no, no. That’s not what I’m talking about.

AL: They covered it up. They cover it up.

NS: The documents, no the documents, the official documents show that they’ve been charged formally with having raped both members of the couple, the man and the woman. And with having raped the woman orally, vaginally, and anally. This is not at issue.

AL: Yeah.

NS: The issue is the charge, the claims that the, Mr. Newsom was sexually dismembered, and which would presumably be while he was alive, and that um that Ms. Christian had her breasts chopped off.

But there’s actually no apparent beef. The mainstream media outlet, the Knoxville News [Sentinel], did publish reports that the killers poured cleaning fluid down Ms. Christian’s mouth while she was alive, supposedly to get rid of DNA. So that’s not, I mean, that’s actually been in the mainstream media, the local media, of course. So, but the issue, the reports that have not been published by any mainstream media outlet are the blog reports charging the sexual mutilation of the victims.

AL: So, what?

NS: Hmm?

AL: So, what?

NS: No, I was just wondering if you had any sources.

AL: Look, you’re writing for AmRen [American Renaissance].

NS: Right.

AL: AmRen wants to focus on the crime.

NS: Right.

AL: And obsess about it. I’m interested in the systemic nature of this problem, which is why it’s being suppressed. And that goes to the Jewish control. The Jews are the ones who produce the policies that ensure that this stuff happens. That’s the important thing here. Yeah, the fact is they were, any way you want to cut it, they were murdered, they were raped, and they were tortured, a combination of those. I know [American Renaissance editor Jared] Taylor wants to get people obsessing about that but that’s not the important thing here. The important thing here is that the Jews set up the system that allows this stuff to happen. It literally facilitates it. These kind of crimes weren’t happening fifty years ago, because niggers knew they would be lynched, and they were kept out of white communities, and white communities were allowed by law to protect themselves.

Now, the Jews re-wrote the laws, and that is the main issue here. Now, I know you don’t want to say that, and I know that you are probably a Jew yourself.

NS: I most certainly am.

AL: You are a Jew, and yet you are writing for a ostensibly [laughs], a publication that, that represents white people. That’s what’s such a joke about Jared Taylor’s approach. Whites are second-class citizens at AmRen, just as they are in the broader society. It’s the Jews who set up the so-called civil rights that denied whites the free association. That’s what produces crimes like this. And Jared Taylor damn well knows that, but he won’t allow his people to say it on his Web site. So, we don’t take the same view that AmRen takes. That’s assuming that AmRen is honestly motivated, which I don’t assume personally.

NS: What do you think AmRen’s motivations are?

AL: I think it may well be just a false front.

NS: A false front for…?

AL: The Jews. The Jews are putting money into it. He’s allowing Jews to speak. He’s allowing Jews to criticize whites on a site; he does not allow whites to criticize Jews. You tell me how that’s any different from the New York Times or any other major media. Same system of taboos applies at AmRen that does everywhere else in society. And he wants his people to be obsessed about blacks and black crime. Blacks are a headless community. They’re not capable of leading themselves or organizing themselves. The Jews set up the NAACP [reader’s note: this is actually true], and the Jews re-wrote the rules so the white communities were left open to exactly this kind of crime. Which we have named a “hush” crime, ‘cause it focuses not only on the black criminals but the Jews who hush up what’s going on even while they’re trumping up the garbage allegations at Duke, and reporting on that crap for a year.

NS: [Writing feverishly.] I’m trying to keep up with you.

AL: I mean, I’ve written a bunch on our site, so if you have any problem, you’ll find what I’m telling you written there.

NS: Let me just go back here. Alright, I know you told me in your email that the Web site will announce the time and place, the exact time and location of the rally.

AL: Well, we have the time, but we don’t have the exact location or the [unclear] we’re not going to talk about it quite yet.

NS: Yeah, no, I, would imagine not. And so, I’ll just check around that time.

AL: Yeah, so if you check the week of the rally, we …. We might do it multiple places. It just depends. We want to have some access to the public. We don’t want, we’re tired of going to these events and applying for a permit and being shoved away in some little corner, and having to stick mirrors up our asses and fly helicopters overhead.

We’re just going to, simply – we’re going to use our rights.

NS: Oh, so, in other words, you might not – you might do it without a permit.

AL: [Chuckles] We’re going to do – yeah, we’re going to do it without a permit.

We’re going to assemble and speak where we feel it’s appropriate, not where the cops or any other group feels it’s appropriate.

NS: Alright, so I’ll send your love to Jared Taylor.

AL: Well, he I’m sure knows what I think.

NS: I’m sure he does.

AL: He knows damn well there’s a reason that all of this is going on. He knows exactly what it is, and there’s a reason that he doesn’t allow his people to talk about it, and that he doesn’t talk about it himself. So, either he’s being paid to, or he’s just a coward. And there’s no third option.

But we’re going to do right; fear no man, as [the late neo-Nazi leader and National Alliance founder, William] Pierce advised.

NS: I’m sorry, what…?

AL: I enjoy your articles; I’ve read ‘em in the past. I was disappointed to find out you’re a Jew. But …

NS: [Laughs out loud.]

AL: You still do pretty good work. I’ve seen, I can’t remember precisely, but I spent at least one day a couple of years ago reading through everything you’ve written, so.

NS: That’s a lot of writing.

AL: You’ve done quite a bit. I mean, do you freelance, or…?

NS: Well, sure. I’m a homeless writer.

AL: Yeah.

NS: Freelancing is what you do by necessity, not by choice.

AL: It’s a difficult thing, I know that. Should you write on anything touchy, even if you leave the Jew out of it.

NS: [Laughs] You know, one of your readers thought he did me a favor by stating that I’m only a half-Jew. He’s mistaken. There’s no half-Jews [NS chuckles].

AL: Well, I appreciate your admitting it.

NS: Well, of course, it’s not something to admit or to hide. It’s a simple matter of fact. Either – it’s an all-or-nothing proposition.

AL: I think a lot of Jews try to hide that they’re Jews.

NS: I don’t know about that. But there, no there are a lot of people who don’t know that there’s no such thing as a half-Jew. Actually, the Nazis started that notion that you could be a part-Jew.

AL: Well, they had, what did they say, if one in four of your grandparents was, that qualified you?

NS: Oh, well, that’s not what I’m talking about. Either you have a Jewish mother or you don’t. That’s what makes a Jew. Or else you have to convert. That’s the issue of whether you had a grandparent, that’s irrelevant, unless you’re talking about your mother’s mother. That’s all that.

AL: I’m not sure that Israel sees it that way.

NS: What does Israel say?

AL: I think Israel has just that, that if you can prove one of your grandparents, even if it was not a female, you can still get in by their blood laws. And I know the Nazis at least to some degree talked to the rabbis and tried to base what they did on Jewish law.

NS: Well, that’s no, no, Jewish law is what I just said. I don’t know what Israel’s doing, but Jewish law is that either your mother’s a Jewish woman, or you have to have converted – that’s it. [This is true within Israel, as well as without, though Reform Jews perversely claim that someone who does not practice Judaism is not a Jew, regardless of whether his mother was a Jew. I say perversely, because the vast majority of Reform Jews – whose movement is reducible to Enlightenment atheism plus matzoh brei – are non-practicing.]

AL: That may be a little different from what Israel says.

NS: That’s possible, but that would be a political matter, not a religious matter, whatever they did.

AL: But you know, the main point about this here, is that we’re not going there to tie balloons, and it’s so pitiful when you read through the guest book that they have in the local paper where all the family and friends of these people respond, and they just, ‘Oh what can we do?’ these horri…, no these tragedies happen for a reason. And it’s, the reason is that the people running our society are Jews, and they intend our extermination. And they put in place these words and terms and frames and arguments, and this [unclear] safe way for whites to respond, having stupid candlelight vigils. And that’s absolutely the wrong way. There needs to be a hell of a lot of anger. And eventually, we’re going to have to physically displace the Jews. It’s just that simple.

And I don’t mind telling you that, because I’ve written that many times. I don’t know what it’s going to take to bring that about, but that’s the only solution.

NS: Well, seeing as I’m the head of the ZOG, I think that would be very difficult to pull off.

AL: [Laughs, chuckles, and coughs repeatedly.] Well, if you’re deflecting attention from the Jewish cause of this, then yeah, you’re helping ZOG, there’s no doubt about it. And that may well be what AmRen was set up to do, I don’t know, I have to judge it by its results.

NS: Well, no, no, I’m not trying to deflect anything. I mean, I’m perfectly, uh, I hadn’t planned on saying this, but since you’re talking about physically, violently displacing the Jews, you should know that guys like me are ready, willing, and able to kill to defend their own.

AL: So are we.

NS: [Laughs] O.k., just so that we understand each other.

AL: That’s the difference.

NS: Hmm?

AL: You Jews are the aggressor.

NS: The aggressor? Well, I’m an aggressive kind of guy, you know. So, you’ve read my work?

AL: Aggressor. [NS laughs loudly.] And not all whites are going to put up with it. And more and more are going to come to see that what we’re saying is correct.

NS: Well, we shall see. Thank you for your time, Mr. Linder.

AL: You bet. Good talking to you.

NS: Good luck with your rallies.

AL: Alright.

NS: Bye, now.

AL: Thanks, bye.

NS: Bye.

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mnuez said...


I just discovered you through your (long-ass) article on V-Dare and I'm glad that I did. In addition to reading through your (loooong-ass ;-) article and finding it tremendously informative, I've also appreciated those few of the many links that you offered which I have clicked over to (one of those being this page) and I look forward to reading more of your blog and more of your writing elsewhere.

Anyhow at this point I just wanted to let you know that I'm at least ONE Jew whose attitude in the interview (and with regards to the general subject of talking with Jew haters) is about the same as yours. I like the fact that you don't have any problem laughing with this guy as well as the fact that you have no problem with lambasting him and with the fact that you are perfectly willing to kill him (should it come to that).

Yah. No doubt what I mean to say can be expressed more lucidly than the above but hey, everyone has an off day. Anyhow, consider this comment an introductory "hello!" from a fellow who appreciates what he's (thus-far) seen of you from your writings and who bethinks himself to be of similar intellectual, emotional and tribal mien.