Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Illegal Human Beings March … Again!

By Nicholas Stix

Today, Americans are again witnessing millions of criminals taking to the streets, and demanding recognition of their “right” to continue committing crimes. I am speaking, of course, of illegal immigrants, aka undocumented immigrants, aka undocumented workers, aka unauthorized migrants, aka Mexican nationals, whose number may be as high as 30 million – 22 million adults who have invaded this country since the previous mass amnesty in 1986, and at least eight million children whom illegal alien women have borne in this country during that time, and which have been improperly defined by the federal courts, in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, as “American citizens.”

In a sane, just society, upon hearing of such a massive mobilization of criminals, the authorities would mobilize virtually every local, state, and federal law enforcement officer, as well as the National Guard. They would bottle up all main thoroughfares in cities across the nation, block the side streets and, section by section, bearing plastic handcuffs, arrest all of the suspects. Reporters would show the arrests on live TV, celebrating each time, “They got another one!” The suspects would then be bused in convoys to tent cities on the outskirts of each city, until their legal status could be determined.

Anyone determined to be an American citizen or lawful permanent resident alien, would be released just as soon as buses became available for non-deportation. Of course, that might take a while.

Anyone determined to be in the country illegally, but not wanted on any criminal warrants, and never to have been previously deported, would be deported within days, after signing a letter of acknowledgement that he understands that being found in America at any future time will result in his immediate imprisonment as a felon, as per federal immigration law. (I am not fantasizing here; according to current federal immigration law, it is a felony for any foreign national previously deported from the U.S. to re-enter it without permission from the federal government. That the federal government has for years refused to enforce its own laws, is not my fault.) Anyone determined to be in the country illegally, and to have previously been deported, would immediately be imprisoned as a felon.

“But what about their civil rights?!” critics will demand to know. They’re illegal aliens; they don’t have civil rights! “Civil rights” are the rights due citizens. As soon as the felon in question completes his prison sentence, he will be deported to his own nation of origin.

Anyone who is determined to be in the country illegally, to have previously been deported, and to be wanted for additional crimes, would immediately be imprisoned as a felon, and bound over for trial on the additional charges. Regardless of the disposition of the additional charges, he would do hard time as an immigration felon; should he be convicted of the other charges, he will serve his sentence consecutively, not concurrently, after which, should he still be alive, he would be deported to his own nation.

That’s the way a sane, just nation would handle things. Of course, a sane, just society would never have permitted 30 million illegals to get away with invading it, in the first place!

Like last year, this year we can expect law enforcement officers to again act as welcoming committees, aiding and abetting the criminals, and the media to again act as cheerleaders, leaving no doubt as to their biases. CNN is calling today “Immigration Day,” and denigrating the citizenship test, comparing it to a “TV quiz show.” Pretty, lefty CNN airhead Soledad O’Brien had an Irish illegal on camera, who demanded legalization and full rights – i.e., amnesty. She also spoke of countries such as “Honduras and Puerto Rico,” saying that last year people tended to see illegal aliens as Mexican (perhaps because the majority are!), and that this year, organizers are seeking to diversify the demonstrators.

Oops! Someone has to whisper in O’Brien’s ear that Puerto Rico is not a country, but a part of America. Thus, Puerto Ricans cannot be immigrants, let alone illegal immigrants, because they are all American citizens by birth. Someone also needs to whisper in her ear that opponents of illegals do not give a damn that a few thousand of them are Irish. Apparently, she thinks that if white Americans see a white illegal face, they’ll have a racial chauvinist epiphany, and say, “Oh, my God! There are white illegals, too! Let’s legalize them all! Who cares if it means the end of America’s legal, economic, and political systems! Let’s help the white people!”

Organizers have also helped out their media sycophants this year, by bringing in tons of American flags, large and small.

And they can again count on the media to refuse to report on the criminals’ vandalism of American property and assaults on American citizen-critics whose civil rights the media hold in contempt.

Back at CNN’s Atlanta base, an anchorwoman speaks of “More National Guard troops on the border, which might cause more tensions,” without explaining why the Guard should “cause” more tensions or why she is insinuating that America does not have a right to protect her own border. CNN has gone from speaking of “a nation of immigrants” to “Immigration Nation.”

The Chicago Tribune has ongoing puff coverage, with heartfelt profiles of wheelchair-bound, octogenarian Mexican ladies.

Reader Don Stewart sent a letter to VDARE.com, which was published last night.

I wonder if the plan to Boycott America also includes not giving birth to their 'jackpot' babies, not driving while drunk, not accepting welfare payments, not using food stamps, not dealing drugs, not murdering, stealing or raping, not attending government schools, not buying homes using government financing, not clogging our court system, not sending remittances to Mexico, not breaking our laws by being here and not insisting that we speak Spanish?

Stewart’s question was, of course, rhetorical.

Americans have become increasingly frustrated at lawless, treasonous lawmakers, judges, and chief executives, not to mention lawless businessmen and treasonous “educators” and “journalists.” Their wishes that the law be enforced are ignored, as their nation slips away. What must be done?

Clearly, faxes to congressmen are not enough. Massive demonstrations are necessary. Non-violent civil disobedience is necessary. And Americans are going to have to begin exercising their legal right to effect citizens’ arrests.

We will know that we are making progress, if on next “Immigration Day,” millions of thousands of Americans confront the criminals, and start taking their country back. The Americans would need to break into the march lines, make citizens arrests, and force policemen to choose their allegiances: To America’s laws and citizens, or to foreign criminals and their American accomplices.

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