Saturday, May 19, 2007

Knoxville Horror Trial Dates Set for One Year from Now; MSM “Discovers” Four-Month-Old Case

By Nicholas Stix

The MSM is finally starting, modestly, to report on the Knoxville Horror in Tennessee, even as far from the crime scene as Denver! (A tip o’ the hat to Modern Tribalist.)

On Thursday, Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner announced that the four defendants charged in the January 7 Knoxville kidnapping, robbery, gang-rapes, murders of, and thefts of property belonging to Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, will each have a separate trial, each of which Judge Richard Baumgartner foresees as lasting two weeks. (Judge Baumgartner is being perhaps a tad optimistic in his estimates.) The state indictments can all be read here.

Newsom was anally gang-raped, and then murdered several hours after being kidnapped; Christian was vaginally, orally, and anally gang-raped, and murdered approximately 24 hours after the couple was kidnapped. At one point, one or more of the defendants allegedly also poured cleaning fluid down the presumably then still living Christian’s throat, but a false report by Michelle Malkin notwithstanding, none of the defendants has been charged with torture.

George Geovonni Thomas, 24, is charged with having shot Newsom to death and set his corpse on fire. Christian may have been strangled. (See this story on the stonewalling campaign by authorities in Knoxville.)

And as reported on February 1 by Knoxville’s WATE 6 News, at least one of the killers dismembered Christian, placing her body parts in five separate garbage bags and putting the bags in a garbage can in the kitchen of the apartment of defendant-brothers Letalvis Darnell Cobbins, 24, and Lemaricus Devall Davidson, 25, where police found the bags. After the February 1 report, the dismemberment of Channon Christian was no longer included in any of the articles this reporter has seen; I only came into the possession of the aforementioned report on May 17, thanks to a reader’s help.

It is not known whether the killers murdered Christian first, or began dismembering her while she was still alive, something for which there is a precedent among black racist torture-killers of whites.

Ex-con Letalvis Cobbins, alias Letalvis Davidson (convicted of felony third-degree attempted robbery on May 19, 2003, in Queens, NY – hey, today’s his anniversary!), is scheduled for trial on May 12, 2008. Cobbins is indicted on 46 Tennessee state felony counts, including aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, aggravated rape, felony murder, premeditated murder and theft.

Cobbins’ girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman, 18, was indicted on 40 state felony counts, including aggravated rape, felony murder, and premeditated murder. In a touching courtroom moment on Thursday, according to WVLT-TV 8 reporter Gordon Boyd, Coleman mouthed the words, “I love you” as she was led out.”

Coleman was referred to in initial reports as a “witness” rather than as a suspect, and was a source of much material that eventually went into the case against her and her fellow defendants. An able defense attorney would try and spin Coleman’s cooperation into a mitigating factor at trial, and if she is convicted, during the sentencing phase. (Although Tennessee is a death-penalty state, Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols has inexplicably refused to reveal whether he will seek the death penalty.) How loving Cobbins is presently feeling about Coleman’s cooperation with federal agents and local police may be another matter entirely.

Cobbins’ ex-con brother, Lemaricus Davidson (convicted of federal carjacking charges in 2001, he served but a token sentence), is charged with the same 46 counts as Cobbins, and is scheduled to go on trial on July 14. (According to published reports, Eric Dewayne Boyd, 34, told federal agents that Davidson confessed to him that he had murdered Channon Christian.)

Ex-con George Thomas, likewise indicted on the same 46 counts, is scheduled for trial on August 11, 2008.

Ex-con Eric Boyd has been charged federally, in U.S. District Court in Knoxville, with “being an accessory after the fact to carjacking,” for having allegedly helped Cobbins and Thomas flee apprehension to neighboring Lebanon, KY, where a local-county-state-federal interagency task force arrested the three without a struggle. Boyd’s trial date has yet to be set. Boyd has not been charged with any of the state crimes. (Michelle Malkin also erroneously reported that Boyd was charged in the murders, kidnappings, and rapes of Christian and Newsom.)

Cobbins, Davidson, and Thomas, were also charged federally with carjacking and two counts of federal weapons felonies, but at the request of the U.S. Attorney’s office, a federal judge dismissed the federal charges “without prejudice,” meaning that they may later be reinstated, so that the Tennessee state prosecutions may go forward first.

Having separate, consecutive trials offers potential advantages to prosecutors. Earlier defendants may seek to impute all guilt for the crimes they are charged with upon defendants who have yet to be tried, and may provide a wealth of information that can be used against their alleged accomplices. Or they could simply be fonts of misinformation and lies.

For an example of such gamesmanship in the present case, when Letalvis Cobbins and George Thomas were initially apprehended in Lebanon, KY, they reportedly claimed in affidavits to federal agents that Eric Boyd, the man who had allegedly helped them escape capture in Knoxville, was in fact the rapist-murderer. So much for loyalty or gratitude.

It is not known whether Cobbins or Thomas has of late made any public expressions of love to Boyd.

On May 18, “Christopher Felon,” one of the contributors to the black supremacist Web site, Svengali Media, which celebrates all black-on-white racist atrocities, and has celebrated the rapes, tortures, and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, left the following two comments to my last column on the Christian-Newsom case:

  • christopherfelon said,

    Many blacks are pulling for Knoxville's 'SuperThug' & Carjacker Lemaricus Davidson to win the 2007 Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights competition for 2007. Others are still on the sideline as to whether it was appropriate for the competition editor, Kirkland Perkins, to waive the rapist disqualification rule and invoke the 'Emit Till' excuseable rape clause so Davidson and his brother could compete.

    I soundly support Savannah's 'Slave Avenger' Michael 'Turtle' Thorpe. The family of Thorpe's victim, Jennifer Ross, owned slaves and never paid their reparations. This is keenly why Thorpe is Perkins *favorite* to win the 2007 Rights.

    Voting online's been added. And it is exciting that Knoxville's George 'Detroit' Thomas received enough votes to qualify to compete! There's never been 3 competitors from the same city and for the same crime in the competition ever!

    May 18, 2007 at 2:18 am · Edit

  • christopherfelon said,

    Knoxville's George 'Detroit' Thomas DID QUALIFY TO COMPETE in this year's Bragging Rights Competition!

    May 18, 2007 at 11:01 am · Edit

  • The more one learns about this case, the less justifiable the four-month-long national media blackout becomes. One could devote entire three-hour blocks of cable news time exclusively to this story, without ever having to use the endless loops or even partial repeat passages on which cable news relies for filler with big stories, and enjoy blockbuster ratings. How did the media suddenly develop an allergy to making money?


    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    These atrocities, and the black supremists' comments about them add proof to the argument that today's hip-hop and thug culture are hastening the decline of the black race. That being said, I think these sick bastards should swing for their crimes. This isn't about reparations or slavery revenge, this is plain savagery. The perpetrators of this heinous crime should NOT be idolized or looked up to by anyone, and should be roundly condemned by both the white and black community.

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    if i lived for a thousand years i still would not understand what they done to channon and chris i cannot sleep sober i never will , this is not a hate crime its bigger then that this is the worst racist sick crime in history

    Anonymous said...

    I wish our ancestors had picked their own cotton. We wouldn't have these fucked up pieces of shit in North America. Look out niger, the Klan is gettin' bigger!!

    Anonymous said...

    As sad as this crime was, the hatred and the dumb comments I am witnessing brings me to this observation. You guys arent any different than these killers. Just look at your comments!! So savage and barbaric.

    My prayers go out to the family.

    Nicholas Stix said...

    "As sad as this crime was, the hatred and the dumb comments I am witnessing brings me to this observation. You guys arent any different than these killers."

    They didn't bring you to that observation, that's what you always say, because that notion is always in your head. But what you really mean is that the angry white folks are worse than the racist black killers, because you hate white folks, even though you're almost certainly white yourself.

    Doesn't saying that outraged, yet law-abiding whites are as bad or worse than savage, racist, black gang-rapist-torturer-murderers just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, down deep inside?

    Come on, fess up!