Sunday, May 20, 2007

Undercover Black Man: Svengali Media of Knoxville Horror Notoriety a “Hoax Site”

By Nicholas Stix

Two hours ago, I received the following e-mail form David Mills, aka Undercover Black Man.

Nicholas, in your special report for AR News (May 14), you described as a "black, anti-white web site." In a later piece, you called it a "black supremacist site."

Have you considered the possibility (as some readers of AR have) that svengalimedia is a hoax site? That people such as "Christopher Felon" and "Waldorf Carathers" don't exist, but are two in a series of dubious names associated with an interlocking network of websites, blogs and Internet trolls pushing this "Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Felons" thing?

If you believe svengalimedia is a genuine black website, do you also believe in the affiliated Web hoax -- the supposed cult leader "Yacub 7 Ali," who teaches black people how to inflict skin cancers on whites?

You've been doing independent journalism for years; nothing about the svengalimedia website set off you BS detector?

David Mills

Dear David,

Thanks for writing. I just shelved a long response I began, because I have other pieces I have to get back to. So, here's the short answer: If you can prove, or at least provide persuasive evidence that Svengali, et al., are hoax sites run by white nationalists or white supremacists, I'm all ears. But the mere fact that the writers use funny-sounding pseudonyms and run interlocking sites fails to make your case. The content of the sites is consistent with what I have seen of black supremacy in America both first-hand since my childhood, and since 1990 as a student of the movement/phenomenon, including melanin madness. But if you can prove otherwise, more power to you. I'll salute you, and I won't even try to get you fired from your day job.

Nicholas Stix

P.S. If it's a race hoax, it's one of the most brilliant ones I've ever seen.

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