Monday, May 27, 2024

Hurray for Richard Dreyfuss! pc movie theater owners invited him for screening of Jaws, but when the first amendment champion expressed un-pc opinions and facts in discussion, racial socialist audience members walked out on him, the owners apologized, and the new york post Gauleiter refused to quote him!

JAWS (1975): A young Richard Dreyfuss, and the late Roy Sheider

By N.S.

This is not a news story, it's an editorial. A news story would have quoted Dreyfuss. This shows how bad the post has gotten.

"Richard Dreyfuss slammed over alleged sexist, homophobic remarks at Jaws screening: 'We walked out'"

"They came for Jaws — and got more than a mouthful."


"Mr. Dreyfuss' opinions on these subjects are both public and well-known. It blows my mind when those complaining indicate that they had no 'idea' that he was outspoken on these topics, and then they have the temerity to express anger without an inkling of understanding as to why the subject of their scorn holds fast to those 'ideas.'

"He's also 100% correct."

Richard Dreyfuss, in a much more recent photo


Anonymous said...

Richard is probably THIS close < > to being cancelled,as word gets around about the appearance.No quotes about what he said.

I'd like to know what his "offensive" thoughts are.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Another casualty in the war reconquista's wage against Whites on our highways:

Guadalupe Munoz (no citizenship status mentioned) mysteriously, paper says "allegedly", veers into a closed lane and strikes 42 yr. old Jessica Blinebry, killing her.

Negroes tend use guns, knives and their fists to kill Whites, Mex use cars as weapons. Both are effective. I recall a few years back an illegal Mex crashed into a car with 4 teenage high school girls, killing all of them. The killer walked away from the crash. I dunno, but it seems like a higher percentage of their victims are females. Maybe stats don't back that up, but I can't help but wonder if Mex see White women in cars and their feet just reflexively press down on those pedals and those arms automatically spin the steering wheel in their direction.

Seeing Mex names involved in fatal collisions are like seeing their names in child sex abuse cases. They appear relentlessly and inexorably in at least 50% (more?) of local cases as if it is an inevitable natural occurrence. But there is no public mention of this despite their overwhelmingly high representation in those types of crimes in a state that is still 86% White.

Willful ignorance and voluntary denial will be the ultimate end for Whites.

Anonymous said...

I got this quote from the Hollywood Reporter,which ripped Dreyfuss from head to toe:

In a brief video posted YouTube, Dreyfuss is shown taking the stage for the Q&A wearing a dress over his clothes. After doing a brief dance, he’s helped out of the dress by two other people and puts on a jacket. The song playing in the video as he takes the stage is Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.”

In another video from the end of the Q&A, Dreyfuss speaks about his 2022 book One Thought Scares Me…We Teach Our Children What We Wish Them to Know; We Don’t Teach Our Children What We Don’t Wish Them to Know

“It’s about the fact that 50 years ago, without telling anybody, they took civics out of the curriculum of all public schools in America, which means we have no knowledge of who the hell we are,” Dreyfuss said of the work. “And if we don’t get it back soon, we’re all going to die. Make sure your kids are not the last generation of Americans. And you know exactly what I’m talking about.”


Anonymous said...

If I were a political cartoonist,it's obvious,a drawing of Dreyfuss being chased by a gigantic shark with the phrase,"woke individuals" written on the shark's HUGE body,would be about right.

Underneath it,the caption:It may not be safe to go out in the water for a long,long time.