Wednesday, October 05, 2016

To Understand Colin Kaepernick, and Other Genocidal Black Supremacists, Check Out This Retweet of His


Anonymous said...

That's sociopathy/stupidity.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Left describes herself as a professional shit talker. Surely that is so.

Al L.

Anonymous said...

"If you have to have soul explained to you there is no way you can understand it." - - Ray Charles.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Speaking of Ray Charles, I advise picking up his autobiography, I read it and enjoyed it very much. I do love his music but his life story is quite sobering and the contrast between his life and the life of privileged negroes of today who complain about the evil of the white man is jarring. I could actually sympathize to a degree with Ray if he resented whites for what he experienced in the South as a blind black man but if you read his book you are struck by his lack of anger toward whites and ability to look at things in perspective (he made it clear he was treated as badly by other negroes as he was by racist whites), then read Kareem Abdul Jabbars autobiography, in which, despite a pleasant middle class upbringing and life free from racism and struggle he grows up to become bitter and resentful toward whites, no different from the Kapernicks or Spike Lee's of today. Those negroes spend all their time contriving racism and playing the martyr. It doesn't matter how good they have it they have it whitey is still picking on them, kind of like Oprah and how those upscale shops won't let her in after closing.

I've never heard of Ray Charles playing the martyr game, he wasn't exempting whites from having soul with that quote, he knew whites had soul also, he also knew that there are plenty of soulless blacks. He's one of the few I can truly respect.

Anonymous said...

"he wasn't exempting whites from having soul with that quote, he knew whites had soul also"

If you have to have soul explained to you it is not possible for you to understand soul?

Is this what we are referring to?