Monday, October 03, 2016

Presidential Debate Post Mortem in 36 Words: Racist, NBC News Moderator Lester Holt’s Attempt to Win Election for Hillary Clinton


Clinton operative Lester Holt is paid by NBC; here he is presiding over last Monday’s debate

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A friend sent this along. My reader-researcher Grand Rapids Anonymous has exposed NBC news reader Lester Holt’s racism and corruption with such relentlessness that sometimes he gets fed up with analysis, and goes for a change of pace with satire.

I’m glad to see that Fox News’ James Rosen stated the obvious.

Clinton attack dog Erik Wemple of the Washington Post, a newspaper that so hates Donald Trump that it had a regular feature for months last year, the ‘Trump is Hitler’ essay, “bit” Rosen.

While I have not polled my contributors, I feel safe in saying that Lester Holt enjoys the respect of nobody at this blog.

"Mr. Holt . . . pressed Mr. Trump pointedly on just about every perceived area of vulnerability for him . . . . . . but somehow failed to press Mrs. Clinton even a single time on any of her perceived points of vulnerability." James Rosen, Fox News Washington correspondent, September 27, 2016

Full quote:

“So it eluded the president’s attention that Mr. Holt, who enjoys the respect of everyone in this room, this questioner included, nonetheless, last night, pressed Mr. Trump pointedly on just about every perceived area of vulnerability for him, including his early statements about the Iraq War, his refusal to release his tax returns, his role in the birther issue, his endorsement of stop-and-frisk, and his comments about whether or not Mrs. Clinton has a presidential look, but somehow failed to press Mrs. Clinton even a single time on any of her perceived points of vulnerability such as her conduct with her emails, the role of the Clinton Foundation in the Clinton State Department, her refusal to release her Goldman Sachs speeches, her deep trustworthy deficit with the American electorate, her role in the destruction of Libya or the Benghazi attacks. None of those things were pressed by Mr. Holt. Did that elude the president’s attention, that sort of seeming imbalance in the questioning?”

In White House briefing, Fox News’s James Rosen attacks … Lester Holt
By Erik Wemple September 28, 2016
Washington Post



Anonymous said...

What percentage of people will see the FOX pushback in that news conference?Rosen is either being facetious or polite in saying Holt "had the respect of every reporter" in that room.Holt is a sellout.But not only Holt.I brought this up on an NBC blogsite,but was informed--by someone who believed it --that Holt is a registered Republican.I said,"Then Bernie Sanders is on the advisory board at Breitbart and Hitler was a liberal.
Picking any one of NBCs Negro Nightly News "hit squad",would not have changed the bias of that debate.Mitchell,Tur,Jackson all take turns with innuendo,rushed rumors and fervent hatred of Trump.Holt is the ringleader though--and he's not only anti-Trump,but anti-cop and pro criminal (with his insistence of the immediate,inflammatory broadcasts of videos of "another unarmed black man getting shot").Holt's agenda is there for all to see on a daily basis.That's why if Rosen wants to expose Holt's bias--he should go deeper than 2 questions with the press secretary--view the last 6 months of NBC's Negro Nightly "News" to understand how the debate was not a surprise to anyone that has seen Holt on a daily basis.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Holt isn't a sellout. You have to have a soul in the first place to sell. Holt is simply another in a long line of racist negroes who won't stop until all whites are in a subservient role to non whites, they are indoctrinated into this ideology from infancy by other racist negroes along with their collabo white lackeys. Doesn't matter what political guise they assume, the Afrocentric superiority complex and parallel political objectives are always there under the surface ready to emerge at any moment.

Anonymous said...

Actually,I'll reassess who the sellouts are...and agree with Jerry pdx--Lesta is what he is.But he's been hiding his racist side until he moved into the anchor chair.The REAL sellout is higher up in the NBC organization,the same sad sack of s/h/it who hired and placed people like Holt,Tur and the rest of the Tokyo Roses on the airwaves.Not only the news is radically slanted,but as I posted on here tonight,the "entertainment" division looks like it's gone to "full negro mode".This network has sho'gone crazy.
--GR Anonymous