Sunday, October 02, 2016

Khan-Cons, Pakistani Jihadi Family Who Attacked Donald Trump on Behalf of Hillary Clinton at Democrat National Convention Comes to Houston

By A Texas Reader

"Khan family comes to Houston after DNC feud with Trump

"Gold Star family who criticized Donald Trump in Houston

"Khan Family Comes to Houston After DNC Feud with Trump"

Maybe they can steal a dhow in Houston and row their way back to Pakistan.

At ABC News.


Anonymous said...

Years ago I had the misfortune of working with the India/Paki community.I never knew of a more obnozious,obsiquious,& demanding people in my life.It was all about,"What are you going to do for my people"?They demanded certain city services and if they were not delivered in a timely manner they threatened to go to the mayor.They all bring their insane relatives and grandparents and put them on SSI.They contribute nothing,but get a free check,medical,food and subsidized housing. All this is on the tax payers dime.

Anonymous said...

Paid squealers all.Someone should check to see how much $$$ Clinton pays these mercenaries.
Giuliani was on ABC with Stephanopoulus this am,and Georgie tried to trip him up on every question.Giuliani is a pro--and evaded every insinuation--unlike Trump did in the debate.I think Trump was extremely nervous and doubtful about what to do.What made Clinton win the debate (if she did)was her lifetime of practiced lying.She knows how to ignore the negative and attack the opponent-as she's done with hubby's GFs and many political controversies.Trump can't engage her in conversation.He must state his plans for the future,call her out on her weaknesses-but not argue.Clarity and focus--and staying cool will win the next 2 debates.
--GR Anonymous