Sunday, October 02, 2016

If You Watch One Video This Year, Make This the One! The Mets’ Road to the Postseason


Anonymous said...

Willie Mays NY Mets age 42
1973 42 Mets 66 games 209 ab 6 hr 25 rbi .211 avg.
David Ortiz age 40
2016 40. Red Sox .310 avg
37 hrs 117 rbis.
Congrats to the Mets.Made me think of when the Mets were in the playoffs and Willie Mays played for them--without steroids.Ortiz,come"s so obvious.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Speaking of 40 somethings,I only have one question:Bartolo Colon?I'll never understand how he did it.I would bunt on him all day,every day until he keeled
Can't argue with results though.