Sunday, August 30, 2015

Whites Always Grieve for the Rare Black Victims of White Violence, but as Vester Flanagan’s Racist Atrocity Shows, for the Umpteenth Time, All but a Microscopic Number of Blacks are Devoid of Such Compassion and Moral Outrage for the White Victims of Constant Black Racist Murders

By David in TN

“A Skeptical [VDARE] Reader Says That There’s No Sign, After the Vester Flanagan Murders, of Black America Showing Any “White Guilt”-Type Emotion.”

I thought the same thing, while reading Buchanan's column on the Flanagan murders as the Vdare reader.

We've remarked on this before. For example, reporters going all over San Francisco and unable to find a single black person with any sympathy for the victims of the Zebra killers.



Anonymous said...

"What evidence is there of that? I’ve yet to see a prominent black figure condemn the killings. That includes “conservative” blacks such as Ben Carson or Clarence Thomas."

This comment was made in response to Pat Buchanan's comment that blacks were as sickened by Vester Flanagan's racist murder of two White TV news people as are Whites.

Only silly Whites would expect blacks to not support blacks killing Whites. Silly is not as strong of a word as I usually use for these Whites who are constantly searching for that Magic Negro who will cure all problems for them. That negro exists only in fantasy land. At this point blacks are Whites' deadliest enemy.

Anonymous said...

Pat s off on this news on the officer being shot at a gas station by a negro nutjob?THAT S the new trend as inspired by Farrakan..and all whites should be aware of it.Not only is Farrakan proactively pushing this but black "leaders"and politicians don t go on TV and say "THIS IS WRONG".By their lack of condemnation of these incidents, they give their tacit approval of it to continue.

Anonymous said...

The most dangerous misconception that Whites have is that they have black "friends." I have one such White friend who believed that the blacks that she hung around with were her friends. That misconception was corrected about a month ago, as she was assaulted by a sheboon who felt that my friend had 'disrespected' her. Her black "friends" stood around and watched as my friend got the shit beaten out of her. Now she gets it.

Reality: Some blacks want to kill whites. Other blacks want those blacks to kill whites. The rest will simply sit around and watch as those blacks kill whites. NONE will lift a finger to stop it.

Anonymous said...

"reporters going all over San Francisco and unable to find a single black person with any sympathy for the victims of the Zebra killers."

NOT only no sympathy for the whitey victims but an endless string of excuses for the negro assassins.

David In TN said...

I just went to my library and pulled out my copy of Vincent Bugliosi's 1996 book on the O.J. Simpson case, "Outrage." I recall you reviewed it at Amazon, pointing out Vince's unwillingness to rile blacks. Buglisoi (who died earlier this year) wrote a section titled "Black support for O.J. Simpson and its consequences," with this paragraph on page 355:

"Since the trial and verdict, I personally (and this is an observation I've heard others make) have never heard so much antiblack sentiment in all my years, even from people I know have never been racist and whom I have never heard utter an antiblack word before."

Vince went on to write that many people thought blacks enjoyed seeing two white people murdered and the killer get away with it, but feels "This is a very unfortunate and, I feel, erroneous charge. At least in my association with blacks through the years (I'm not referring to the criminal element) has shown them to be people with a compassionate heart and rich sense of humor. Callousness, greed, and meanness of spirit are not at all the norm for the blacks I've known."

Vince sort of rambled on about how their support of Simpson will "hurt" them. This hasn't happened at all.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the OJ case: at the time I overheard a Black at a CTA train station say this with a straight face - "He couldn't have done it because he really loved those kids."

A complete non-sequitur!

David In TN said...

On this subject, you might want to see an episode from this season's ID Channel show, "A Crime to Remember." Titled, "Lock Up Your Daughters," it concerns a (white) serial killer of young girls in Gaffney, South Carolina in 1968.

Three white girls were abducted and killed, then a black girl. The murder of the latter "brought the town together." The fictional narrator of this episode is a black woman who says "I admit I didn't care too much when the first three girls killed were white."

Of course, she didn't. No irony was intended by the show's producers.

This episode runs again at 8 pm ET on Thursday, November 19.