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The Michael Slager-Walter Scott Murder Case: “Hugely Incompetent”—Read the Exclusive Interview with Michael Slager’s Defense Attorney, Andy Savage



Attorney Andy Savage entering the Charleston, SC court building

By Nicholas Stix

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On August 4, Michael Slager’s Defense Attorney, Andy Savage, graciously called me, and spoke with me at length. I want to ask you, first off, whether your client, Mr. Slager, is still in jail?

Attorney Andy Savage: Yes, he is. Have you sought to spring him on bond or bail?

Savage: We’re actually filing the motion for a hearing today. I’ll be glad to send it to you, you can read it. It explains the situation a little bit better.

That motion for a hearing that we’re filing today… we will append, with the memorandum, once a hearing is scheduled, to reveal a considerable amount of information that was [unclear] not produced by law enforcement. So that then ties into a motion you made in June that charges that “SLED had mishandled or destroyed evidence.”

Savage: Yes.

Savage: The evidence they missed were two projectiles our investigators found. Now, when you say “projectiles,” what kind of projectiles are you talking about?

Savage: The bullets that were shot at Scott.

We found them with a Fisher-Price toy. Embedded in it?

Savage: No, you know what Fisher-Price is, right? You buy them for your grandchildren.

That’s how we found them. I don’t understand. You found them…

Savage: It’s a long story, but let’s just say the crime scene investigation that was done was less than what you would have done, if you were personally involved in the case. So, the crime scene investigation was incompetent.

Savage: Hugely.


“Defense attorney Andy Savage, pictured with his client, Sametta Heyward, provided information that claims Heyward's two children were left alone in a car with food, water and battery-operated fans.” Tyrone Walker /The Post and Courier Now, a question that’s been bothering me, and I’ve been trying to get an answer out of Solicitor Wilson’s office, is were you able to determine who owned the car that Mr. Scott was driving?

Savage: Uh, no. And we have asked for that information, and we haven’t received it. There has been reports that it was sold to him, but there was never any change of title, or, you know, it wasn’t properly registered at the time.

That’s sort of a side issue for us, but shows, you know, it’s indicative of the sloppiness of the whole thing.

Nobody reported that he [Scott] owed almost $20,000 in child support, either, at the time.

What I’ll do, is I’ll send you a copy of this motion that’s filed today… [unclear] raise some additional questions. And did Mrs. Slager have the child? Was the child …

Savage: The child’s healthy. Big kid. ….. is the child’s name. And has Mr. Slager been able to see him yet?

Savage: We have video conferencing in my office, connected to the jail. In that capacity, he has seen [trails off].

He’s in solitary confinement. Now, is that in part to protect him because he’s, he was a law enforcement officer?

Savage: It’s a determination made by the people who classify inmates, based on his occupation. That’s an issue in my application for a hearing…. I thank you very much for your time, sir.

Savage: You have a good day. You too, sir.


“Former pastor Dale Richardson, 49, of Summerville, left, is introduced Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013, at the St. George courthouse by his attorney, Andy Savage, during his trial on charges that he abducted a woman in North Charleston and raped her behind his Freedom Free Will Baptist Church on Lincolnville Road. (ANDREW KNAPP/STAFF)” The Post and Courier

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