Sunday, October 26, 2014

Marysville, WA High School Shooting: Zoe Galasso was the Girl Jaylen Fryberg Murdered


Murder victim Zoe Galasso

By Nicholas Stix

The Zo Galasso Memorial Fund has so far raised $13,870 from 287 donors in 14 hours, in order to help defray her family’s funeral expenses.

This makes even less sense than if Fryberg had murdered his ex-girlfriend, Shilene George. As far as I could determine, he and Zoe Galasso had never been romantically involved. That he would murder a girl he had a crush on simply for not dating him would not only make his act evil, but would leave it without any mitigating circumstances.

One hour ago, Tracy Schwiger wrote at the Memorial page,
Saw the other girls have passed away please set up funds for those girls families too.

Let us hope that she heard a false rumor.


Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no justification nor reasonable explanation for Jaylen Fryberg's murderous rampage. If appears that he suffered an emotional/psychic breakdown due to his breakup with Shilene George. The fact is that he needed psychiatric help long before October 24.

allyson williams said...

I read on JShays facebook that he knew something was gonna go down and he was all the way with bro"Jaylen Fryberg. that post has been removed. How you feel now JShay"bro"? Children acting like adults, dressing unappropraitely, talking of "hoes" and sex! Where in the h were the parents! I checked my sons back pack everyday every morning until ha went to college..... We never used the word "hoe". An attack on females and we taught and showed love towards males and females... Way to go parents of these mis-lead youngans. YOU DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN ACT LIKE ADULTS AT FOURTEEN!!!!