Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Remember the Nation of Islam (Zebra) Murders!

By Nicholas Stix

Tonight, the night of October 20/21, is the official 36th anniversary of what came to be known—and later “disappeared” as—the “Zebra Murders.” The murders were a campaign of racial terror conducted by the black supremacist, domestic terror organization, the Nation of Islam (NOI).

The phrase “Zebra Murders” refers specifically to the local murder campaign that officially began on October 20/21, 1973 in San Francisco with the machete murder of Quita Hague, and attempted murder of her husband, Richard. Officially, 15 white San Franciscans were murdered, and nine wounded in the attacks that ran for 179 days, from that night onward. In fact, the San Francisco campaign had begun, at the latest, in early August, 1973, with the murders of Stephen M. Conachy, 21, and Joseph M. Villaroman, age 17, and had likely been underway in the state since the beginning of that decade.

By the time that the NOI campaign hit San Francisco, state law enforcement officers had identified scores of killings up and down the state, all following the same m.o.: A cleancut, conservatively attired, 20-something black man or group of men would kill a white stranger, either with a gun or a machete, in a “motiveless murder,” i.e., an attack not driven by the conventional motives of financial gain or sexual jealousy (love triangle). French researcher Bruno Gheerbrant has sent me files documenting 39 NOI murders during the same period in the East Bay area on the opposite end of the Golden State Bridge from San Francisco. Unlike today’s media, which variously cover up and lie about black-on-white racial murders, the East Bay newspapers emphasized the common character of the NOI killings.

A law enforcement source who worked the case at the time, told me of reading an FBI report at the time that said that the killings were not limited to California, but were being carried out across the country.

And indeed, at the same time as the California killings, the NOI carried out at least one murder in New York City, and at least six murders, three attempted murders, and various and sundry other violent crimes in Oklahoma City.

The NOI murder campaign was directed by leading figures within the NOI.

Only four men have ever been convicted and sentenced in the NOI killings: San Francisco killers Jesse Lee Cooks, Larry Green, J.C. (aka J.C.X.) Simon and Manuel Moore, and those convictions were obtained only through the testimony of NOI killer, Anthony Cornelius Harris. Cooks, Green, Simon and Moore all still in prison in California, but they could still be paroled. As the lead detectives working the case at the time, Gus Coreris and the late John Fotinos observed, there’s no such thing as “life without parole.”

In 1972, Patrolman Phillip Cardillo was murdered by Lewis 17X Dupree with Cardillo’s own weapon in a planned, ambush killing inside of NOI Mosque #7 in Harlem, which was then the mosque of Louis Farrakhan, who was conveniently out for the night. Retired NYPD detective Randy Jurgensen has chronicled the Cardillo murder in his book, Circle of Six.

Farrakhan was at the very least guilty of conspiracy to obstruct justice, and more likely was guilty of conspiracy to murder a policeman. Keep in mind that the NOI murders proceeded from the highest reaches of the NOI, and that Farrakhan has long been widely believed to have orchestrated the 1965 murder of Malcolm Little/X/Shabbaz.

Lewis 17X Dupree has never paid for his crime. No NOI leader has ever paid for the NOI murders.

The NOI’s early 1970s’ mass murder campaign should not be confused with the separate mass murder campaigns carried out simultaneously by other black supremacist, domestic terrorist groups: The “Black Panthers,” “De Mau Mau,” and the “Black Liberation Army.”

In October 2007, when Louis Farrakhan called for violence against policemen, racist black CNN propagandist Roland Martin—who in February misrepresented and condemned a non-racial caricature by the New York Post’s Sean Delonas as a “racist” attack on “Barack Obama”—covered for Farrakhan, claiming that the threats were mere “rhetoric.”

MARTIN (to CNN host, Kiran Chetry): But again, but you're also not realizing the history of the Nation of Islam. And so, the Nation of Islam has long, in terms of spoken out or fought against this whole issue of “white oppression.” That is what the appeal of the Nation of Islam is. And when you go back and listen to some of the recordings and speeches of Elijah Muhammad, and you listen to Malcolm X prior to his conversion, when he went to Mecca, and say you're not going to find anything that is different. So, it is not like, it is a surprise when you actually hear the kind of rhetoric. [Or see the bloodshed accompanying it!]

“The history of the Nation of Islam”?! Do tell, Roland!

Martin: So, we can't act as if Cosby is just so different than what Farrakhan is saying. In fact, you're going to find Louis Farrakhan will often -- has been saying the same things about personal responsibility that Bill Cosby is now saying. And so, when you actually listen and study both messages, trust me, you're going to find more that's alike than that's not alike. And I have heard both, and read both, and studied both, and I have seen that difference. And, so again, it's -- would we be surprised by what Farrakhan has to say? No, he's been saying it for 40 years.

CHETRY: It's still surprising to hear it, actually.

MARTIN: But it's not. I mean I'm telling you right now. I have heard any number of speeches, in terms of, hey, how he's been highly critical. First of all, he gave us speech on Saturday in Atlanta, where he gave one of those -- the toughest speeches against violence and the degradation of women in hip-hop music. Now, I understand in terms of what were talking about, what he said on Tuesday night, but we will also say the same thing about how his criticism of a violence of the images in hip-hop music and how that is destroying African-Americans and the culture. Now, again, so we can say, well, was he strong there? Was he right there? And so, when I listen to Bill Cosby, and listen to that speak by Farrakhan, to be honest, I hear the same message.

Newsflash to Roland Martin: Bill Cosby is not the head of a domestic terrorist organization, and he does not have the blood of any policemen, or anyone else on his hands.

This is what happens, when media organizations (and academia) cave in to the demands of racist blacks to give them a monopoly on the telling of racial history and present-day race relations.

Presumably, the incident would have been a perfect opportunity for conservatives to point out that making threats of violence, besides being a crime, are an integral part of the NOI’s history of organized mass murder, to tell of its support of racial genocide, and to report that Louis Farrakhan’s hands dripped with the blood of at least one murdered white policeman.

Instead, in “CNN’s Martin Dismisses Farrakhan’s Call for Violence as Mere ‘Rhetoric,’” Matthew Balan, at the Republican Web site, Newsbusters (a subsidiary of the Brent Bozell III’s Media Research Center), merely quoted Martin (I got the quotations above from his article), without criticizing him, or providing his readers with the legal and historical significance of Farrakhan’s words.

Apparently, before one can be a GOP writer these days, one must first prove that one has been castrated.

To learn more about the NOI’s racist mass murder campaign in California, please go to my blog, The Zebra Project.


ARaceAgainstTime said...

I've read Clark Howard's book Zebra on the San Francisco killings.

The most poignant scenes were the brutal machete attack on the young white couple ("Ain't now rule says I can't fuck a white devil before we kill her."), and the methodical butchering of the homeless man.

Howard points out that none of the black people interviewed by the news media condemned the killings or expressed any sympathy for the victims.

Californian said...

I remember the Zebra Killings in the headlines back from when I was a lad. But this is the first I have seen of their anti-White racial motive. The affair has the undertone of a mini-Mau Mau campaign here in America, domestic terrorism as it were.

It says something about how the media keeps the right spin on things that it has not percolated through to the public consciousness that this serial killing was the work of black terrorists. Consider how we have seen no end of movies in which White "racists" have been the villain, or which have dredged up the spectre of the KKK (e.g., "Mississippi Burning").

Here's another thought: for mainstream conservatives who decry the "liberal media," think they will bring this up as a case of liberal bias? Or are the conservatives too busy prostrating themselves in statements of "We are not racists!" to make the obvious connection.

Pam Maltzman said...

Thanks to your recommendation, I am now reading Clark Howard's book, "Zebra." I had vaguely remembered the Zebra killings, but did not realize until recently the racial context. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Pam Maltzman said...

Well, after reading Clark Howard's book, "Zebra," I will add another item to the list of things that sicken me.

At the end of the book, Mr. Howard lists the victims and tells what happened to them.

One of the survivors of the Zebra killings was a woman who apparently was permanently crippled by the attack.

Mr. Howard says that her husband left her and her situation was financially precarious, but she eventually learned to drive a car again, albeit with hand controls.

She also, as a now single mother, raised her child. Mr. Howard says that she had not told the child, and would never tell the child, that her attacker had been a black man.

In light of what we now know of the racial motives of the Zebra killers, and of many other perpetrators of black-on-white savagery, is that supposed to be a Good Thing? Because frankly, this appalls me.

I think that woman survivor took away the wrong lesson from her horrible experience, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Nation of Islam racially motivated murder spree: October 20, 1973 – May 1, 1974, The “Death Angels” ‘Zebra Killings’

D-Wil said...

While the murders were/are obviously despicable, you are completely out of hand in attempting to say that anyone "caves" to academicians and so-called Black racists, when the blood of hundreds of millions of people of color globally and at least 10 million Africans is on the hands of the progenitors of Western Culture, i.e., the hands of Western Europeans, White Americans, Spanish, and Portuguese peoples of those countries. Additionally, you not only completely control today's narratives, but you control the myriad dominant historical narratives.

Nicholas said...


You're so full of shit, it's coming out of your ears. Do you really think I'd let you get away with pulling fake numbers out of your ass?

David In TN said...

Tomorrow October 20/21 is the anniversary of the start of the so-called Zebra killings in San Francisco. I wonder if the ceremony is still held?