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The Knoxville Horror: A Correspondence

By Nicholas Stix and “D”

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Here (http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2009/oct/09/dna-test-in-slaying-raises-new-questions/) is the latest. In a separate motion, Davidson'a attorneys accused the Knox County Sherrif's office of copying a letter from Davidson to his attorneys and turning it over to the prosecution. Some say the case will be dismissed because of this.


Re: Will Davidson Walk?
Add1dda to xxxxxx@xxxxx.com - Oct 11

Dear [D],

First off, thanks for all your help. I just viewed the KNS documentary for the second time since you sent me the link, and “disappointed” doesn’t begin to express my reaction.

The most moving figures are Gary Christian and Mary Newsom. Gary Christian seems to me the sort of take-charge guy who, under the circumstances, would have either killed to protect Channon, or died trying. If Davidson walks, Christian just might do the right thing, one way or another.

The News Sentinel put so much work into denying the transparently racial motivation of the Horror, that I suspect that that was race-denying editor Jack McElroy’s entire motivation in making the documentary.

Repeatedly, we hear people on screen deny that the Horror was racially motivated, but never hear a voice of dissent, and when we are informed of the existence of dissenters, we are doubly inoculated from considering their views by: 1. Their views being suppressed, and 2. Being warned that only “white supremacy groups” think this way.

(I’m used to this sort of crap in New York, where for over 20 years, pc whites have smeared any whites complaining about black racism as “racists,” but in Knoxville, Tennessee? I don’t think so.)

Who is this Will McDonald [a young, white guy in the documentary], who argues that if you say that you believe that the crime was racist in motivation, “that just creates more racism and intolerance”? So, are you supposed to lie? And does he say the same thing to blacks, with their constant race hoaxes? Of course, not. (Is he the same Will McDonald who works at WATE?)

And get a load of Sheryl C. Rollins, the president of the Knoxville NAACP, insisting that because the crime was beyond the pale of human decency, “the African-American community” bears no responsibility for it. But the NAACP insists that whites today are collectively responsible for slavery and for all black-on-white crimes real and imagined since then, and demands affirmative action and reparations, not to mention engaging in racketeering and race hoaxes in extorting money from businesses that, if anything, were guilty of killing blacks with kindness. Don’t hold your breath waiting for her to denounce the national organization’s racial collectivism.

This “documentary” has News Sentinel editor Jack McElroy’s fingerprints all over it. At the conclusion of the Cobbins trial, in “McElroy: Cobbins case about overcoming racism,” McElroy repeated his dishonest, pc denial that the crime was a racial atrocity, and that only a racist would say otherwise:

In the end, the Letalvis Cobbins case was about race but not in the way the racists tried to spin it.

It wasn't about black against white. It was about black and white together, in crime and in justice….

When news of the crime first broke in early 2007, white supremacists pointed to it as a classic example of a black-on-white ‘hate crime.’ They staged protests in Knoxville complaining that the national media wasn't giving it coverage comparable to white-on-black incidents, such as the dubious Duke lacrosse case, which had been in the news.

But the protests have since fizzled, the people [which ones?] who tried to build the Duke case into a cause celebre have been repudiated [but the Duke case was about nothing but race!], and this month, the Christian-Newsom case was shown to be more about good and evil than about black and white.

Evil was black, but it also was white. Good was white, but it also was black.

The “helpers” day of the trial shattered any illusion that the wrongdoers were strictly African-Americans motivated by racial hatred.

A parade of white witnesses revealed the Chipman Street house to be a interracial hub of lowlifes.

Ultimately, this case was about getting beyond race to justice.

Some of the truly inhumane among us perpetrated an outrage, and decent humanity responded as best it could.

In the context of America's struggle with a racial divide, color wasn't really important, and for that we can be thankful.
People looking to re-open the Emmitt Till case now insist that blacks were also “helpers” involved in murdering young Till, but none of them has claimed that the crime was therefore not racially motivated. Neither McElroy nor anyone else has claimed,

‘Evil was white, but it also was black. Good was black, but it also was white.

‘The “helpers” day of the trial shattered any illusion that the wrongdoers were strictly whites motivated by racial hatred.

“In the context of America's struggle with a racial divide, color wasn't really important, and for that we can be thankful.”

Would McElroy then say that white NYC cop Justin Volpe, who sodomized Haitian immigrant Abner Louima with a broken broom handle, and who was universally denounced as a “racist,” even though Volpe’s fiancé was black, was not racially motivated? Don’t hold your breath.

McElroy is motivated by the racial socialist dogma, according to which only whites can be racist. That dogma is itself racist. Whites like McElroy are leaders of what I call the New White Racism.

And so, that was to be expected from McElroy. And he was not alone. The AP’s rare dispatches on the story, from Duncan Mansfield, were written only to hammer home the same talking point: ‘The crime wasn’t racially motivated, and only a white supremacist or a conservative—same difference—would say otherwise.’

After the Cobbins verdict, Mansfield repeated his talking point. When the Washington Post published it, the daily took the precaution of disabling its normal readers’ comment function, and has since sent the article down the memory hole. Too few readers can be trusted to respond correctly, and engage in “constructive dialogue.”

Jamie Satterfield, of course, is the biggest disappointment, because she’s a real reporter, and had at one point backed off from the party line, when she suggested that one didn’t have to be a “white supremacist,” in order to see this case as a racial atrocity.

She was kind enough to speak to me in the spring of 2007, when I was researching my first article on the case, and she’s devoted thousands of hours to covering the initial investigation, indictments, interviews, court hearings and trials.
But now she’s back in the fold, with a vengeance.

[In the documentary] She diminishes the distinctiveness of this sort of crime, excepting for the fact that there were two victims, and the duration of the attack. “Two victims” is a euphemism for the man being raped, as well. But I don’t hear about blacks commonly torturing and murdering random blacks, let alone raping random black men. And of course, whites virtually never commit these sorts of crimes against blacks. Hell, white-on-black rape is virtually non-existent, but you won’t hear any of this from Satterfield.

Oh, but there have been national stories, she says (of this case), specifically mentioning CNN. CNN?! CNN’s [since-cancelled] Paula Zahn Show only did the story: 1. In response to thousands of complaints about the MSM’s refusal to cover the case, and about local law enforcement’s refusal to label the Horror a hate crime; 2. In order to brand all the critics—including yours truly—as “white supremacists,” and 3. After plagiarizing my first American Renaissance story on the Horror, from which the CNN producer who wrote the story learned that white supremacist/neo-Nazi/FBI agent provocateur Hal Turner had fabricated the rumors of sexual mutilation.

And then, of course, she’s got to go and blame whites: “Whether we want to recognize it or not, a crime like this sometimes exposes veins of racism that we kept hidden.”

Yeah, veins of black racism and media racism, except that neither group ever kept them hidden!

Now, to your newest bad news, that “alleged ringleader” Lemaricus Davidson may walk, due to a technicality.

[Title] DNA test in Channon Christian's slaying raises new questions: Sample on Christian's underwear not from suspects, boyfriend

…his defense team Thursday charged the Knox County Sheriff's Office with violating attorney-client privilege and asked that the case be tossed out as a result….

Also on Thursday, Davidson's defenders accused KCSO of copying a letter from Davidson to his attorneys that outlined ‘strategy’ and factual issues and turned it over to prosecutors, violating the confidentiality afforded communication between defendants and their attorneys. They asked Baumgartner to toss out the case as a result.

“Mr. Davidson's defense has been compromised in an irreversible fashion,” they wrote.

Those who will argue that Davidson must be given a get-out-of-jail-free card will tell us that our cherished belief in “proceduralism” demands nothing less. We have no such cherished belief, and neither do they. As Justice Robert Jackson famously said, “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.”

They see in proceduralism a scam, with which to help evil triumph.

“Proceduralism” is at best a means towards achieving the end of justice; it’s not a principle. (Contrary to an oft-repeated howler, the ends do justify the means. If they don’t, what does? I wish I could take credit for the foregoing insight, but I believe I read it in Moralische Grundbegriffe—Basic Moral Concepts—by German philosopher Robert Spaemann.) When “proceduralism” undermines justice, support for it is the stuff of either fetishism or evil.

Generations of racial socialist propaganda notwithstanding, the point of lynch justice was not to murder innocent blacks, but to provide a measure of justice, initially against white evildoers (horse thieves, specifically, during the Revolutionary War), in the presence of a legal vacuum, rather than let evil triumph. America was founded, after all, on a natural rights basis, in which rights do not flow from the government.

In the face of today’s increasingly pro-felon legal system and rogue government, lynch justice starts looking better all the time. Actually, it’s been commonly employed for several years in New Orleans, and is increasingly the only sort of justice that seems to function there.



(P.S. Judge Baumgartner has since rejected the motion of Davidson’s attorneys to dismiss the charges against their client.)

xxxxxx@xxxxx.com writes:
Subject: Re: Will Davidson Walk?
Date: 10/11/2009 8:37:40 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time


Thanks for the reply. I am a layman who keeps up with the crime news and has studied a fair amount of famous crimes. Regarding Gray Christian, I am afraid he may not survive this. There are some famous murders in which the fathers of daughters who were murdered simply drop dead. The fathers of Martha Moxley and Marcia Trimble died of heart attacks. Max Wylie, whose daughter, Janice, was slashed to death along with her roommate in her east side Manhattan apartment in the 1963 Career Girls murder shot himself in 1975.

Marcia Trimble was a 9-year old Nashville girl scout who was raped and murdered in 1975. Thirty-two years later a DNA match was made with one Jerome Barrett, a black career rapist. Barrett was convicted in July of this year (3 blacks were on the jury). It was a big shock that the killer was black.

Will Davidson walk because a letter to his attorneys was intercepted? Mail from inmates is always examined in case the letter is an escape plan or a hit on a witness. The inmates are told this. A letter to attorneys is not supposed to be. A hearing will be held Thursday in which the judge will decide if it "compromised" the defense. Bruce Poston, a prominent Knoxville criminal defense attorney, was quoted as saying that the case is unlikely to be thrown out.

When this started, the federal authorities were in charge because of the carjacking-kidnapping part of the crime, and I think the feds were going to handle the murder charges as well. They gave way to the local DA's office, but did convict Eric Boyd of accessory to carjacking in April 2008. I think (contact a legal expert) the feds could still try Davidson on carjacking and maybe even for murder. The killers of UNC student body president, Eve Marie Carson (another kidnapping scenario before the murder), are being tried in federal court for murder next year before the state tries them for the same offense (something of a surprise).

Now, for the [documentary] video. They rang in two Idiot White Liberals who say "I don't see anything racial," and denounce "those who create racism and intolerance." Jamie Satterfield (who is a competent reporter) intones about "the vein of racism this case has exposed." Well, do you wonder if there is a racial motive for raping a man and gang-raping his girlfriend before brutally murdering them?

I had wondered if you had seen KNS editor Jack McElroy's column about "overcoming racism." McElroy is a perfect example of the brain-dead, self-loathing white liberal. He is Jamie Satterfield's boss. Could she write that it was a racial crime if she wanted to? To be fair, the video is very sympathetic to Channon, Chris, and their parents.

AP reporter, Duncan Mansfield, complained about "white supremacists" and "ultra-conservative bloggers who call it a racial murder" in every article he did on the crime. I believe every reporter has Talking Points instructing them to take the party line. You can predict it before you even read it.

By the way, I used to be a white liberal myself until about 1990. I would wince every time I read about a crime like this and be afraid that it would cause a backlash. I know all too well how liberals think. They prefer not to think of the victims of this kind of crime.

The defense made another motion that will be heard next Thursday. Believe it or not, they want to delve into Channon's sexual history. I think Davidson claims that when brought into his house, Channon wanted to have sex with the devastatingly handsome Lemaricus, who gracefully complied before going out on his dope-selling run. He said something like this in his police interrogation. He also said his DNA wouldn't be on her.

It just gets uglier and uglier. Channon's parents say that their daughter was saving herself for marriage. By the way, did you notice that there was no DNA from Chris found on Channon Christian?

I have an email correspondent who spent [many] years as a prosecutor in Los Angeles. He told me that he had "many" cases like the Christian-Newsom murders. I suppose this bears out Jamie Satterfield's comment about other areas being more familiar with crimes of this sort. I believe only one of the suspects has lived most of their life in Knoxville. Davidson grew up in Memphis.

Best Regards,


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Subject: Day One KH Trial: Defense Strategy, Trash The Victims


Today I watched the live stream of the Davidson trial in Knoxville. Here (http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2009/oct/19/torture-slaying-trial-day-1-gang-kentucky-did-it-l/) is Miss Satterfield's KNS story.

On cross defense attorney Doug Trant got Chris Newsom's friend to admit he took marijuana out of his truck. A little later, Trant, an F. Lee Bailey wannabe, said that Channon and Chris were seen at a gas station near Cheery St in East Knoxville. you can see where this is going.

In a case like this, the defense is either the victims used the N word or were buying drugs.

The defense claims that Davidson wasn't present during the killings. They admit he had "vaginal intercourse," without mentioning the anal semen found. Nor did the defense mention in the opening that Davidson was in possesion of Newsom's shoes.
It's going to be ugly.


October 20, 2009

Dear [D],
I was familiar with the cases you cited, but not with the fates of the victims’ fathers. I pray that your fears about Gary Christian do not materialize.

As for the newest dirty tactics, Knoxville blacks had already been spreading the rumor right after the bodies were found, that the victims had been looking to buy drugs, as if that would justify carjacking, kidnapping, gang-raping, torturing and murdering them, so this was merely the next step. A great many blacks have no sense of shame, when it comes to rationalizing racist atrocities against whites, and Davidson’s defense attorneys are merely imitating them. They’ll say they are merely giving their client a vigorous defense, which is as credible as when rappers say they are “keepin’ it real.”

Re: DNA; yeah, and the DNA found from two additional men means not that Channon was a slut, but that there were two more rapists in the house on Chipman Street.

Speaking of which, have you ever tried reading the killers,’ er, defendants’ police statements? It’s like trying to get the truth out of the New York Times, for cryin’ out loud! ‘She never screamed, no matter what they did to her’; ‘I never touched her, I only brought her a glass or water’; ‘She offered me oral sex’; ‘I never saw or heard any guy getting raped’; ‘I never noticed that she was black-and-blue and bloody from head to toe,’ etc….




ARaceAgainstTime said...

The McElroy article about white being evil and black being good was truly disgusting.

I wrote about the obvious racial aspect of the Knoxville killings on my blog recently. I concluded, "Davidson was angry his white girlfriend had left him, and when he saw a young white couple kissing he snapped and decided to take his anger out on them."

Amazingly, the Knoxville authorities considered the fact Davidson's white girlfriend had just left him to be a mitigating factor in their decision not to seek hate crimes charges. The DA said that the fact that the suspects had white friends and socialized with white people was proof they weren't motivated by racial animus.

Imagine a white male trying to claim he can't be charged with a hate crime because he has socialized with black people in the past. People would just laugh.

Nicholas said...

Dear Race,

Your theory as to motivation is brilliant both in its simplicity, and in being grounded in the facts.

I'd meant to praise you at your blog, and shall rectify said oversight presently.

I quoted your explanation at length in a ms. I sent to an editor.

As for your statement, "Imagine a white male trying to claim he can't be charged with a hate crime because he has socialized with black people in the past. People would just laugh," that too is supported by the facts. When white NYC policeman Justin Volpe sodomized Haitian immigrant Abner Louima with a broken broom handle, no one considered the fact that Volpe's fiance was black an argument against his having been motivated by racism.

Nicholas Stix

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