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Moslem UN Apparatchik: Germany is a Racist “Nation of Migrants,” and Requires a Moslem Takeover

By Nicholas Stix

The message is clear: Whether you’re in America, Canada, Europe, Oz or once-merry England, anytime someone says your country is “A nation of (im)migrants,” reach for your pistol (or knife) with one hand, and your wallet with the other.

Now, it’s Germany.

“Racism kills.” Indeed, racists do, but which kind is doing the killing, and whom are they targeting?

In the July 2 AFP/The Local article, “UN says Germany needs to tackle racism,” we learn,
“Germany needs more ethnic minorities in its political system, the police and its courts, and has to do more to tackle racism in daily life, a UN special rapporteur said on Wednesday.

‘My visit has convinced me that much remains to be done,’ Githu Muigai, UN special rapporteur for racism, said after a 10-day fact-finding trip across the country.

People with a migrant background ‘are under-represented in important institutions, including the political system, the police and the courts,’ Muigai said.

Last November, the Greens became the first major party to elect a Turkish-German as leader, Cem Ozdemir, but ethnic minorities are generally a rarity in German politics, making up fewer than 15 national MPs.

Muigai, who was paying a routine visit to Germany, also said that due to the historical experience of Germany with Nazism, there is a ‘tendency to equate racism with extremist politics.’ [NS: What was it, then? A “fact-finding trip,” in preparation for a report, or a “routine visit”?)

‘I think that this great country needs to turn its attention to the problems of daily racism and discrimination, that is the racism and discrimination to be found in daily life in schools, public places, in housing, in employment etcetera,’ he said.

He added however that he was ‘encouraged by the open recognition by authorities that Germany is nowadays a country of migrants and that migrants make a positive contribution to society.’

Kenyan-born Muigai, special rapporteur since August, also said that far-right groups in Germany ‘demand constant vigilance’ and should be banned ‘within the constitutional legal mechanism provided by German law.’

Germany also needs to do more to speed up the processing of asylum-seekers, Muigai said.

Muigai said that his full report, due to be presented at the Human Rights Council in 2010, will also focus on the plight of Muslims in Germany following the increase in security measures aimed at tackling Islamic extremism….

A government study published in June found that Germany had between 3.8 and 4.3 million Muslims - between 4.6 and 5.2 percent of the population – much higher than the previous estimates of 3.1-3.4 million.”
The article was quoted by the British blog, The Lambeth Walk, whose proprietor commented in “The Biggest Problem in Germany Today,”
Right. So, in other words, Germany and other Western countries fund an organisation which sends this man from a poor, badly governed backwater to tell them that they need more Third World colonists, must promote more colonists into vital positions regardless of ability, must accept that they are 'a nation of migrants', speed up the taxpayer-funded processes which allow colonists to remain one way or the other and accept that the colonisation is desirable, inevitable and irreversible.

Despite all the statistical and anecdotal evidence to the contrary, of course.

But then, who cares what Germans think, especially in their own country? If they step out of line, ban them, jail them - why not use water cannon and live bullets?

It worked for Odinga, after all.

My favourite line is probably the one that contains “the
plight of Muslims living in Germany”….

I lived in Germany for nine months, and had the misfortune to teach English in a heavily-immigrant school - I can tell you now that the only “plight” Muslims in Germany face is self-inflicted.

Of course Muigai feels that if Muslims are unhappy in Germany, then the latter should change to accommodate them - rather than the former adapting or leaving.

For my part, I am far more concerned about the plight of Germans and civilised immigrants who find themselves trapped in Muslim enclaves.
The Lambeth Walk notes the “joy Muslim colonists bring”: “A soaring crime rate and a demand for more cash and concessions,” and terrorists.

Muigai isn’t concerned about “migrants” (non-Moslems, 6.1 percent), let alone Germans (91.5 percent of citizens), but about the largely Turkish Moslem Fifth Columnists with German citizenship, reported at anywhere between 2.4 percent and 5.2 percent of the population. As The Lambeth Walk observed, Muigai demands that Germans be disenfranchised and dispossessed in their own country, and persecuted, if they complain about what is being done to them.

Muigai wants Moslems “represented” in “important institutions,” including “the political system, the police and the courts," and engagement with “the problems of daily racism and discrimination,” in order to effect a vicious circle:

1. Privileging Moslems, by giving them a veto right hamstringing all German institutions;

2. Bringing about accelerated Moslem in-migration and naturalization;

3. Waging demographic war through astronomical Moslem birth rates vs. the German rate, which has for generations been under replacement level (paid for by the Germans, natch); and

4. Repeat cycle, with every step worse than the previous run, until the Moslems take over, and institute Sharia.

You won’t see Muigai going to countries like the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, or Kuwait, and announcing that they are “nations of migrants,” even though those three countries rank #1, 3, and 4, respectively, in rates of net in-migration, because they are Moslem. He’d be arrested. Say what you will about Islam, Moslems don’t cotton to furriners coming into their countries and disrespecting them. Americans used to have that sort of self-respect.

If Muigai’s routine sounds familiar, that’s because it’s Made in America. The communists used Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement, in order to mainstream communism, while King, et al., used communism, er, liberalism, in order to mainstream black racism. The movement was later re-branded as “multiculturalism,” which first showed up in educationist propaganda in 1970. In the interests of clarity, I call it, racial socialism.

As the consequences of the 1965 Immigration Act began kicking in, the “racism” attack against critics was extended to any American who believed in American sovereignty, and then exported to the Anglosphere and Western Europe.

Critics will counter, “But Islam isn’t a race.” True enough, but most Moslems are racists, most are non-white, and all over the Western world (and not just the Western world), they target whites for rape, murder, and dispossession, based on the color of their skin.

I lived in the former West Germany for over five years (1980-1985), and while I had a few brushes with anti-Semitism, Left and Right, including getting sucker-punched by an old Nazi, I have many fond memories of the place. I’d hate to see it destroyed.

Thanks to my colleague, Patrick Cleburne, for telling me about Lambeth Walk.

Applaud Lambeth Walk.

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Nivius said...


I appreciate your help regarding the Senitt murder. I will sift through the information.

Githu Muigai is certainly pushing his agenda down the throats of the German people. His UN masters must be proud.

It takes a considerable amount of audacity, like mentioned in your blog, to come from some "badly governed backwater" like Kenya, and nearly demand an indigenous people sacrifice their cultural identity, which will certainly continue to become more diluted upon the arrival of each, individual invader.

I'm sure culture means nothing to a man who hardly has one to claim for his own i.e. Kenya.

I hope the Germans protect themselves from the third world tsunami. I hope all of the white world protects itself as much as possible.

Thanks again,