Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gatesgate Lesson: If You Think You See Two Black Males Committing a Crime, Don’t Call 911

By Nicholas Stix

The white woman who on July 16 called in what appeared to be a break-in in progress at the Harvard University-owned property at which tenured racist Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. resides now wants the world to know that her 911 call was misquoted by the media, and the cable TV demagogue she has hired to be her spokewoman or lawyer is claiming that the caller isn’t white, anyway.

The caller, Lucia Whalen, insists that she did not say that “two black males with backpacks” were forcing their way into the residence.

During the 911 call, Whalen didn’t initially mention race or ethnicity, and acted as if she were embarrassed to be calling the police at all, except that there had been so many break-ins, and she was doing it as a favor to a concerned old woman. (That a burglary appeared to be in progress seemed to reckon last in her priorities.)

Only at the prodding of the 911 dispatcher did Whalen say that one of the men might be “Hispanic.” Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert C. Haas supports Whalen’s version, but more importantly, the 911 tape does.

"Um, well, there were two larger men. One looked kind of Hispanic, but I'm not really sure. And the other one entered and I didn't see what he looked like at all. I just saw it from a distance and this older woman was worried, thinking, 'Someone's been breaking in someone's house. They've been barging in.'"

People have reportedly denounced Whalen as a “racist!”; the “personally devastated” Whalen is seeking to assure them, ‘No, I’m as pc as you are.’

Why on earth is this even an issue? The race of a suspect is the second characteristic the police list, after sex. Just try describing a person to a third party, much less to police, without explicitly or implicitly giving his race. The description would be worthless.

Even in casual conversation, non-whites routinely use racial descriptors, e.g., “this white girl.” Whites, however, are supposed to somehow act as if race didn’t exist. (To which lefties will respond, “Because it doesn’t!” To which I will respond, Then affirmative action and diversity are based on fictions, too. So, why do you support such superstitions?)

This is ridiculous, but it starts with the media reports. In crime stories, the MSM have for years routinely refused to tell the public the race of perpetrators, even when they were violent criminals still at large. Then, when the MSM reported this particular story, they implied that Whalen was some sort of racist for providing necessary information, as if she were upset by the sight of two black males. Never mind that she saw what would look to any sensible cop or civilian—i.e., anyone who has not had his mind and will warped by racial socialist indoctrination—like a crime in progress.

While some news stories sneak in the necessary information by way of a mug shot or grainy surveillance video, the majority, which routinely suppress such information, are worthless to the general public, but invaluable to criminals (which is the point of the suppression).

That Whalen is “personally devastated,” is because she has reportedly been condemned as a “racist.” (For just that reason, I refrained from revealing her name in an earlier manuscript, and am only doing so now, because she has come out.) But unless they weighed 400 pounds each, a call referring merely to “two larger men” would have been worthless as a suspect description. Indeed, it sounded as if Whalen had sought to be as unhelpful as possible in her suspect descriptions.

If the MSM, instead of being obsessed with disarming potential white crime victims, and aiding and abetting black criminals, did their job and routinely identified criminals by race, no one would have thought anything of a 911 call description of “two black males.”

Meanwhile, Sgt. James Crowley, the white officer who first responded, and who was racially harassed by Gates, until the sergeant arrested Gates for disorderly conduct, wrote in his report (which Larry Auster and one of his readers rescued from the Boston Globe’s memory hole), “[Whalen] went on to tell me that she observed what appeared to be two black males with backpacks on the porch of [redacted] Wye Street.”

Whalen has engaged cable TV demagogue Wendy Murphy as her spokeswoman or attorney. Murphy is seeking to confuse matters regarding Whalen's race. In an AP report I read, Murphy denied that Whalen was white, saying she has “olive-colored skin and is of Portuguese descent ...”

Murphy’s claim will come as a surprise both to Sgt. Crowley, who identified Whalen as white, and to the millions of white Europeans with olive-colored skin.

Apparently, Murphy's strategy amounts to, 'She didn't give a usable description, and she's not white, anyway.'

While Murphy’s claim is still at google, it has since been censored from at least some of the articles in which it appeared, and sent down the memory hole.

Wendy Murphy, who is white, gained notoriety when she sought, through countless lies and “unfounded speculation” (K.C. Johnson) to help railroad the three innocent white men who were falsely accused in 2006 by Crystal Gail Mangum of a non-existent rape, in the Duke Rape Hoax. So, she's in her element.

I’m amazed that Cambridge police responded so rapidly. Skip Gates should have been overjoyed. While living in the predominantly black, Far Rockaway section of Queens, the first time I heard gunfire on my street, in 1994, I called 911, but no police ever showed.

I would hear gunfire about three times a week, but I never wasted my time calling 911 again, at least not over such an apparently piddling matter. Besides, New York 911 operators tend to be racist black women. Although at the time I taught diction, when I would call 911 for one reason or another, they would sometimes claim to not be able to understand what I was saying. I got a much nicer response once, when I affected a Spanish accent, and mixed in some Spanish swear words.

For me, the moral of the story is that if you must call 911, use an alias. And if you live in a town with racist, black 911 operators, and must call for help, affect a black or Spanish accent.

However, the moral that the MSM, leftwing blogosphere, and Skip Gates have sought to hammer home is, If you think you see two black males committing a crime, you damned well better not call 911.


NiviusVir said...

Lucia Whalen was treated like garbage, for no reason. She was raised the "proper" way, being taught not to judge. She did not stereotype, she made no mention of race at all and she was attacked with full force.

If I had been the one placing the call, it would certainly have been a different story. They would be bleeping a considerable amount of my conversation with the 9/11 operator.

The "minorities" are this aggressive and overbearing now, just wait.

Cultural diversity is going to hurt so many good people. Our streets will never be the same.

NiviusVir said...


What do you think about Holder's decision to drop the charges against the New Black Panthers, regarding the voter intimidation?


Nicholas Stix said...


I wrote about that somewhere, but can't recall if it was published, or if I even sent it in to an editor. In any event, it's just more evidence, as if any were needed, of Holder and "Obama's" criminality, racism, and plan to fully disenfranchise America's founding people.

NiviusVir said...


I was just curious about your opinion regarding the matter.

Their motivation is becoming more and more apparent every day.


Anonymous said...

Why cant I find a man like u nicholas stix?

Anonymous said...

The saddest part of this whole incident for me what seeing this poor brainwashed woman brought to tears by accusations of racism.

Watching her make her statement, it appeared that she was more upset about being called racist than about death threats she had apparently received. These people put so much of their self-worth in such a silly and self-destructive idea.