Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Haven, CT Leaders and Newspapers: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Illegal Alien Rapists, Yearning to Roam Free

By Nicholas Stix just published a chilling story by Paul Streitz, “Blue State Case Study: CT Papers Spin New Haven Rape Story.”

Streitz chronicles the case of the poor, white, 25-year-old barmaid who made the mistake of giving in to a Mexican bus boy’s request for a ride home. The bus boy, 26-year-old Jose Angel Moreno-Hernandez, whom police believe is an illegal human being, allegedly “attacked” (read: beat to a pulp and raped) her, carjacked her car, drove it to East Rock Park where he raped her again, sought to poke her eyes out with a stick, and tried at least three different ways to murder her (stomping on her chest, trying to snap her neck, and beating her with a tree branch). In a scenario reminiscent of the Wichita Massacre, the victim survived by playing dead, and then making her way to a nearby house.

After the man drove off in her car, the severely beaten woman made her way from the park, down a hill through grass and branches, to a house on Ridge Road, and frantically rang a doorbell.

A resident who had been sleeping on the couch on the first floor heard a commotion and opened the door to a horrifying sight.

“The girl’s eyes were completely closed and blood was all over her face. It was like something out of a horror movie,” he said. “She was saying ‘Help me, help me, please help me….’”

According to Capt. Ronald Smith, the woman was repeatedly beaten and raped by the co-worker, who was later found at a house in New Haven’s Newhallville section.

The suspect was booked on charges of criminal attempt to commit murder, first-degree sexual assault, kidnapping and strangulation and second-degree assault, and is being held in lieu of $1 million bail. Police are trying to determine the man’s citizenship status.

Police are not releasing the name of the victim or her assailant, “due to the continuing investigation,” Smith said….

The victim told officers that at about 1:30 a.m., her co-worker asked for a ride home, police said. Police do not know the reasons [NS: The reasons?! There were no reasons; there were motives, but the police do not want to know them] behind the incident, or whether they were acquaintances or friends.

As she drove, he punched her in the face, causing her to fall out of her car, Smith said. She tried to call police from her cell phone, but the man took it from her and broke it.

“She was then continuously beaten and sexually assaulted,” said Smith, who didn’t know the location of that assault.

The man then forced the woman back into her car, and drove her to the Hamden section of East Rock Park. They got out of the car, walked along a path and he sexually assaulted her again, Smith said. As she pleaded for her life, she was beaten again, he said.

The man then attempted to snap the woman’s neck and began stomping on her chest, Smith said. He continuously used a branch to hit her in the head and body.

[“Woman viciously beaten, raped,” by Ann DeMatteo, New Haven Register, March 30, 2009.]

Criminal mastermind Jose Angel Moreno-Hernandez, was easy to find, since he “allegedly” stole the victim’s car. Keep in mind, that Senor Moreno-Hernandez enjoys the presumption of innocence. Ha, ha, ha!

Based on the sadistic nature of the crimes committed, my hunch is that if the authorities properly check out this suspect’s background, they will find that he is a gangbanger with a history of violence.

As Streitz reports, in blatant violation of federal law, “which prohibits inducing an illegal alien to enter, reside, or work in the United States,” New Haven city leaders introduced a city ID card for obtaining local services, which was likely conjured up for the sole purpose of aiding, abetting, and encouraging illegal aliens “to enter, reside, or work in the United States.” Streitz is encouraging victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens in New Haven (dubbed “Illegal Haven” by some local patriots) to sue the city government, based on its illegal sanctuary policies.

Meanwhile, the local media have either ignored the story, or sought to bury the fact that the suspect is believed to be an illegal alien. So much for their concern for the rights of women. (They don’t even feign interest in the rights of Americans.)

At the New Haven Register’s readers’ board, the usual racist, knuckle-dragging Open Borders Lobbyists were there, employing their tried-and-failed tactics of race-baiting and lying, against anyone stating the obvious, which was the majority of posters. Take “Wooster Street Momma.” Please.

What this man's nationality is doesn't matter. The fact that he his human waste is what is important here. Check your family histories! If you aren't Native American you are an immigrant. In fact most of the people who are considered "illegals" have more of a right to this land than the people who populate it so check your history and raciscm at the door here. Being a woman who is deeply invlolved in the New Haven restaraunt scene I can speak honestly that all of the people whom I have met who are "illegal" tend to be nicer, more open minded and more willing to learn and understand what it is to be an American than most of the people who simply claim the right because they came out of a woman on American soil. Almost all of them are working there way to citizenship beacuse they love this country and their love of this country also comes from their love of our legal system. One such person even moved here to become a police officer so don't blame it on nationality, because statistically the "white man" is most likely to commit this kind of crime. My feelings go out to this poor girl. I can only imagine what she has gone through. Although it is a thoroughly heinous crime people need to realize that this man is just that. A man. His nationality isn't what man him like this. Sociopath is the same no matter where you where born. "

The “‘white man.’” So, not only is the nation awash in a scourge of rapes and attempted murders being committed by the white man, but he is only identified by scare quotes, suggesting the white man isn’t even white. So, who is really committing the crimes attributed to the “white man”? some of these lefties really need a class in remedial English; they are undermining their own racial slurs.

I don’t need to expose the lies of “Wooster Street Momma”; the other board commenters did a more than adequate job.

Poster “TAMUOne” added helpfully,

Charges should be brought up on the EMPLOYER who hired that rat b-----d illegal in the first place. If this Mexican hadn't been working at that place of business this dispicable crime never would have taken place.

As for the illegal...get a rope.

George W. Bush once said that he was interested in stopping terrorists, not bus boys, from crossing the border. As Linda Chavez wrote in the Open Borders Journal, shortly after 911,

The Bush administration has indicated it might support [a guest worker] program, but the current fear of foreign-born terrorists and a weak economy make it less likely that legislation could get through Congress any time soon. That's unfortunate, not least because a guest worker program that made it possible for Mexicans to come here legally to work in construction or in service jobs would mean fewer crossing the border illegally. If the Border Patrol could spend its time and resources hunting down Middle Eastern terrorists instead of Mexican bus boys, the country would be a safer place.

[“Don't Seal the Borders: Keeping workers out won't make us safer,” by Linda Chavez, Wall Street Journal, November 21, 2001.]

Well, Mr. Bush, Miss Chavez—and Mr. Obama, whatever your real name is—the categories are not mutually exclusive. Though they may not use bombs or hijack airliners, some Mexican bus boys are terrorists. But with that said, the law is the law, and it applies to illegal alien bus boys, regardless of whether they are potentially violent felons.


Anonymous said...

"Streitz is encouraging victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens in New Haven (dubbed “Illegal Haven” by some local patriots) to sue the city government, based on its illegal sanctuary policies."

It's not easy to sue for this sort of thing. One lawyer who specializes in suing sanctuary cities, David Klem (not sure of spelling), uses a federal law that says illegal aliens convicted of drug-related crimes have to be deported, therefore the sanctuary city is liable in a civil suit for other crimes committed by the alien if he hasn't been deported after his drug conviction. The crime victim has to do her own research--get his rap sheet from the city, that shows he has a drug conviction--before he'll take the case.

Getting someone's rap sheet isn't easy, city governments make it difficult and expensive. What needs to happen next is for organizers like Streitz to make it easier for crime victims to sue, maybe a class action suit.

Anonymous said...

Re: whom police believe is an illegal human being

Just a grammar point. It should be "who," which is the subjective case: "He is an illegal." It is not the object of "believe."

The object of "believe" is the entire clause, He is an illegal.

Howard said...

Blacks and Hispanics kill more Americans every year than Muslims. So why are we fighting them over there when we should be fighting them here?

Anonymous said...

The damage that has been done to the victim and her family can never be repaired! I just want to know WHY was he allowed to reside and work in New Haven putting any female at high risk! I will never forget my daughters face in the trauma bay as long as I live. She will never be able to forget what she lived through as long as she lives!.

Nicholas Stix said...

Anonymous said...

"The damage that has been done to the victim and her family can never be repaired! I just want to know WHY was he allowed to reside and work in New Haven putting any female at high risk! I will never forget my daughters face in the trauma bay as long as I live. She will never be able to forget what she lived through as long as she lives!.

Sunday, April 19, 2009 10:45:00 PM EDT"

I'm sorry for all that you and your daughter have suffered, but there is no good answer to your question. I hope you will repeat your question of all local officials, and demand that they stop violating federal law, and end New Haven's illegal, immoral sanctuary policy.

Best of luck, and godspeed.