Monday, September 15, 2008

CNN Promo for Dunham/Soetoro/Obama

By Nicholas Stix
Last updated at 12:13 a.m. on Wednesday, November 12, 2008.

Around 5 p.m. today, CNN aired a campaign advertorial for the man who presently calls himself Barack Obama* (Race-IL). The organization presented the advertorial as a news report, but I doubt they fooled anyone. After all, if you watch CNN, you’re likely either a socialist or a communist, in which case you would vote for D/S/O,* even if he were filmed killing and devouring human babies raw, or you’re opposed to him, and are watching for the entertainment value or because you’re a political junkie. (No Republican politician would ever sink to the level of depravity of eating human babies raw; a GOP pol would first cook the babies. Sarah Palin (Pioneer Women-AK), however, wrestles grizzly bears to the death, and eats them raw.)

Wolf Blitzer was the host, with most or all of the out-of-studio commentary supplied by Democratic operative Dana Bash King, who is married to Democratic operative John King, who is also stationed at CNN. The ad bashed Sen. John McCain (Media-AZ) and Sarah Palin. It claimed that experts on the Right and Left alike had denounced McCain’s newest political ad as dishonest, and King emphasized of Palin, “And what she says is carefully scripted with teleprompter.”

And what Barack Obama says is also carefully scripted with teleprompter, but Dana King forgot to mention that.

The “conservative” expert in question was Karl Rove. I wonder what angle Rove is working by attacking McCain?

I tried unsuccessfully to find Dana King’s ad at CNN’s web site, but did find another “Obama” advertorial that said,

Obama has rejected public financing, calling the system “broken” -- a decision that frees him to continue raising money for November.

McCain has accepted federal matching funds for his general election campaign, giving him $84 million to spend for November. The money comes with strict spending limits, but the Republican National Committee's victory fund can continue to raise and spend money on his behalf.”

Well, not exactly. The truth of the matter is that D/S/O supported public financing, until he opposed it. Public financing is a pillar of Democratic Party dogma, and D/S/O dutifully supported it, until he saw that he was getting more money in contributions than he would by accepting public financing, and, opportunist that he is, “evolved” beyond such “principles.” But you won’t learn that from CNN.

D/S/O’s media operatives have been so despicable in their twisting of reality for their One, that recently I caught myself feeling sorry for McCain, until I read a new series of blogs by VDARE writer, Patrick Cleburne, on McCain’s Hispandering and intention to pass an amnesty for the over 20 million illegal immigrants presently in the country, plus every “cousin” they can bring in through family reunification and chain migration. And so, I’m back to Square One, planning to either vote for a third party candidate, or to make my undervote count.

Hey, Sen. McCain, I hope you’re enjoying the bitter fruits of all those years sucking up to the socialist MSM. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

*When “Obama” was a citizen of Indonesia during his Moslem childhood, while living with his Moslem Indonesian stepfather, his legal name was “Barry Soetoro.” However, since his mother's first marriage, to his natural father, was bigamous and thus invalid, his proper legal surname at birth would have been "Dunham," his mother’s maiden name. Unless he has since legally changed his name to "Barack Hussein Obama," the candidate's name is "Barry Soetoro."

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So that's why those close to DSO refer to him as Barry!