Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Achieving Racial Balance in Education

By Nicholas Stix

Jim Bowman writes of how 40 years ago in white Oak Park, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, school board members were able to neutralize opposition to the building of junior high schools by claiming the need for “racial balance.” The old "racial balance" Trojan horse. Perhaps it hasn't yet worked in Oak Park, but that trick has been used, stage-wise, to educationally, economically, and legally dispossess millions of whites across the country.

Working and middle-class white parents work overtime and go into hock so that they can move away from blacks, but public school officials, who protect their own children, still inflict the racist monsters on white children, discriminating against white district families, on behalf of racist blacks from outside the district.

Walking home after putting your child on the school bus, a bus full of black kids stops at the light in front of you. At the sight of a white face, the little racist monsters, ten and eleven years old, jump up and, sticking their heads and hands out of the windows, scream, “Fuck you!” and give you the finger. A neighbor tells me of her ten-year-old son being randomly assaulted by a strange black boy on the school playground, who just walked up and sucker-punched him. Her friend’s child suffered the same sort of assault. Nothing happened to either of the black cowards, but the school has regulations that protect all students against “racial discrimination.” English translation: Racist black students enjoy license, while white students have no rights.

Stage 1: "Racial balance" requires the busing in of hundreds of racist black kids from outside the district, the legal rights of district parents be damned.

Stage 2: The racist black kids make a sport of ganging up on and assaulting and robbing—and sometimes raping—white kids, but the authorities refuse to do anything to the racist criminals, and the newspapers refuse to report on them. White kids who fight back, however, are subjected to draconian “justice,” and their parents depicted as “racists” by the local press.

Stage 3. Token black employees demand the hiring of more such employees, and claim that they are the victims of racial discrimination. The authorities, who contemptuously refuse to consider the interests of the white district parents, cave in to the blacks like a cheap suitcase.

Stage 4. White parents start to pull their brutalized kids out of the school, and now pay twice for their education: Once through their property taxes, and again through private school tuition. Adding insult to injury, the press and black parents demonize them with the racist code phrase, “white flight.”

Stage 5. As the white kids are replaced with ever more racist black kids from outside the district, the black employees demand ever more incompetent, racist blacks be hired, insisting that only blacks can understand black children or have a right to educate black children, that blacks must be hired in numbers at minimum proportional to the numbers of black students, and that the white staffers are racist incompetents. At the same time, the black employees begin a racial terror campaign against their white colleagues, harassing and assaulting them, and encouraging the black students to do the same.

Stage 6. The white employees are variously chased out or fired via trumped up charges, by the blacks.

Stage 7. The now thoroughly dysfunctional school has an all-black student body, all-black staff, gets much more money per student than it did when it was white, due to all of the teachers getting bonuses for special ed kids and such-like, and has the lowest test scores and highest rate of violence in the area. Virtually all of the money comes from white taxpayers. Meanwhile, teachers and administrators teach the black students that racist whites are responsible for all of their problems in life. A goodly number of the students respond by stealing and vandalizing the property of whites in the neighborhood, and robbing, raping, and assaulting white residents.

Stage 8. Racists such as author Jonathan Kozol, and “diversity trainer” Glenn “courageous conversations” Singleton make millions and receive awards for condemning the dispossessed, “racist” whites and “white privilege.”


Anonymous said...

Excellent article and great blog! I wish we could read more of your work in AR and VDARE.

But one thing I think you really nail is that blacks are RACIST.

Yes, we hear about blacks being more crime-prone, having lower IQs and a deserved reputation for dishonesty.

But racism is the first word I think of when it comes to blacks.

I learned this first hand in the Army when I started winning a fight between me and a (much larger) black. When it became apparent the "brutha" would lose it became a 10-on-1 fight with me as the victim.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas, Thank you for this and other articles of courage and honesty you have published.
I grew up a white kid in the hood. For most of my childhood I was a physical and psychological punching bag for racist black and Puerto Rican children in the Bronx.
These are the steps, verbatim to the demise of my neighborhood and school. When I finally acted out and struck back I was treated as a pariah. The school would not readmit me as I was a danger to the other students. I had to see a therapist for my anger.
I moved myself the minute I could. 35 years later and little has changed. A second class citizenry (by choice) that believes the world has wronged them from birth.

Anonymous said...

It is time to face the facts.

Voting doesn't work, neither does "democracy".

Ask Socrates and Plato.

More facts:

Our government hates white people and wants to destroy them.

Blacks hate white people.

Hispanics hate white people.

So do asians.

While there is still time, white people are going to have to kill them all to save themselves.

Stop talking, start loading your weapons, and organize.

I am not joking - though I truly wish I was. Heed my words, or become as extinct as the dodo.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how 'race is a social construct' when it suits the leftists, yet they demand 'racial balance' when they want to undermine society?
The negro in itself isn't so dangerous to society as a whole, the trash backing them and indoctrinating them into marxist thought patterns ARE.