Monday, December 31, 2007

Jewish Influence, and Censorship at Google

By Nicholas Stix

In a blog entitled, "Nicholas Stix,AmRen, and Other Ramblings,” blogger Howard in Las Vegas writes,

For the past several years I have been involved with the Conservative/White Nationalist movement and throughout this time I have read many great books and articles by several intelligent, dedicated and honest men and women. One of these men is Nicholas Stix. Stix describes himself as a "dissident" journalist living in New York and "whitelisted" by the main stream media (MSM) because of his political views which are by no means "politically-correct". Unlike most writers Stix takes a "Pro-White" stance and has authored articles about the carjacking, kidnap, rape and murder of a young white couple in Knoxvile, Tennessee (google "Knoxville Horror" if you don't know what I am talking about) and wrote the "State of White America-2007" which was published by the National Policy Institute. Stix is also a Jew. Why would a Jew take a "Pro-White" stance? Like my mother said,"May the Jews be happy with what's left of America when Whites are gone." Admittedly a very pessimistic view of Whites disappearing, which I don't agree with, but the point is that Jews have never had a better friend than White American's. Jews (with the help of White liberals) that control the media and government have done an excellent job of brain-washing Whites into believing they have no right to a racial identity. Does Stix recognize this? Stix, why do you support White America?

I just posted the following response at HILV:

First off, thanks for the nice things you said about my work.

Second, you should know that Google’s blogsearch censor has whitelisted you. When you originally posted this blog, Google blogsearch listed it. I found it under my name at about 1:30 a.m., on 12/22. One or two days later, blogsearch removed the listing. I tried “last day,” “last week,” and “last month,” but nothing showed up. I just went back and tried again at blogsearch, and then put in “Howard in Las Vegas” and “Nicholas Stix,” but got nothing. Tried just HILV, and got nothing. Tried HILV and NS at general Google. Nothing. I even tried variations on “Nicholas Stix,AmRen.” Zip. For HILV, I did get 5,470 hits, but Google offered only three pages, with no mention of you. I then hit the secondary link to “similar” links, and got five pages, but again, no HILV.

You are, however, linked at Technorati.

Given that Google owns your blog (as it does mine), while Technorati does not, why does this state of affairs exist?

Google is into censorship. Heavily. Its blogsearch censor does the same thing to me for months at a time, and has in fact resumed censoring my new blog listings as of a day or two.

If a communist blogger attacks me, it goes up immediately at blogsearch, and stays. If a conservative praises me, it often goes up quickly, and remains there. But most people go to blogsearch to find someone’s own writings, in the first place, and if no one sees that I’ve published something new, few bloggers are going to find their way to my blogs, to read and then discuss my work at their own blogs. Which is exactly the point of the whitelisting.

So, if you want people to read you, you are going to have to reach out to them, with a direct, grassroots campaign (Unfortunately, since such campaigns are taxing, I’m going to have to follow my own advice.) Emphasize that Google is trying to destroy you. You are welcome to quote me.

BTW, Google has also tried to keep people away from AmRen. By late May, two weeks after my Knoxville Horror Web exclusive had been published, and been read by thousands of people (and plagiarized by CNN!), Google refused to list it. I punched in “Channon Christian,” and went through 1,000 or so listings at google. (There were about 40,000 hits, if memory serves, but to my knowledge, Google never provides more than 100 pages—i.e., 1,000 links.)

Google listed all kinds of obscure blogs, but no AmRen. This is not about “algorithms”; it is about political targeting. And it’s not new at Google, which is a leftwing outfit with a history of censorship, though a very eccentric one (e.g., they don’t censor the likes of Alex Linder or Bill White).

But though the foregoing may (should) be of great importance to you, it’s not the red meat you’re after. It’s just an appetizer.

Do I take a “Pro-White” stance? I dunno. I thought I took a pro-right stance, not as in “right-wing,” whatever that now means, but as in “Do the right thing,” as the old saying goes. Would you have me take an anti-white stance? A pro-wrong stance?

But I don’t understand the phrase, “May the Jews be happy with what's left of America when Whites are gone.” As long as the Jews are here, the whites aren’t gone.

I’ve often heard the charge that the Jews control the media and government, but never with any background beyond ancient media lists peopled with Jews, most of whom are either long dead or out of the loop.

But once upon a time, many Jews did wield great power in the media. How did they come to dominate the media? Because they founded them, that’s why! Jews risked the shirts off their backs, and their very lives founding media companies. When white nationalists complain about Jewish media influence, they are just showing their envy. The Jews who founded Hollywood, and many other media companies (e.g., the Big Three networks), were deserving of praise, not calumny!

And rather than promoting Jewish interests, they went out of their way to not even give the impression of doing so. During World War II, when the then-Jewish owned New York Times and Hollywood studios found out about the Holocaust, they went out of their way NOT to publicize it. This was due to their not wanting to seem too parochial, and due to having been had by FDR, who used the Jews, but didn't give a damn about six million European Jews perishing.

Had powerful Jews in Hollywood and the press pulled out all the stops, to publicize the Holocaust, FDR would have been forced to do something, saving anywhere from thousands to millions of Jews.

And for the payoff, I get to hear how the Jews run everything, according to their whims. (Or are you going to tell me the Holocaust never happened?)

As for Jews controlling the government, that’s just a lot of nonsense that you cannot support.

But the Jews have certainly exerted influence disproportionate to their numbers in America. And why is that? Because they are so much smarter than all the other groups! And they outworked them, too.

So, complaints about Jewish influence are just the expression of envy.

But why did Jews go into Hollywood and the press? For the same reason they went into junk and furs and diamonds. Because they could! Before World War II, smart Jews were locked out of the best WASP colleges, companies, and law firms. So, they made their own way. And you’re angry that in spite of the blockades, they succeeded? You should be tipping your hat to them. They did it the American way.

And while you’re tipping your hat, you can also start studying the matter. Try Howard Sachar’s A History of the Jews in America. It’s comprehensive, and a page-turner.


Anonymous said...

Sumner Redstone/Murray Rothstein isn't dead. Neither is Michael Eisner, who made Disney very yecchy and jewy.

Stix wrote:

ancient media lists peopled with Jews, most of whom are either long dead or out of the loop.

This is just a plain baldfaced lie. The Jewish media bosses listed here:

are very much alive and very much "in the loop."

Good try at the Big Lie, though, Nicholas. Oy vey, whatever you can get away with!

When you say that we should be "tipping our hat" to media Jews, in a certain sense I agree. What I believe the White nationalist movement needs to do is become more effective rivals of Organized Jewry. Violence plays no role in this strategy. We simply need to emulate effective Jewish tribal tactics and strategies of collective-minded business practices and tribal-minded social practices, to become what Steve Sailer termed "a market dominant minority."

The White nationalist market dominant minority will strive to exclude Jews, because we want no part of their agenda. We want to push back against their agenda, and slow down the Jewish juggernaut or reverse it if possible. For example, we must break the alliance with Israel, and remove all dual-loyalists (to use a generous term) from the levers of government. We do need to make Americans of all races well aware that Jewish people are not loyal to America. The Iraq war and the phony war on terror and the Constitution murdering Jewish think tanks and Jewish congressmen/women (such as the Violent Radicalization act) and William Kristol calling for a "draft" to fight Israel's wars -- these actions cry out for Americans to understand that Jewish power is vicious and malignant.

The Jewish power is doing horrible things, and is setting up legislative and physical apparatuses for repression of those who object to what the Jewish power is doing. Any Jew who proposes to ally himself with White nationalists should acknowledge this; otherwise you are insulting our intelligence with your Big Jewish Lie.

I invite you, Nicholas Stix, to respond to this post and acknowledge that I caught you in a lie (about Jewish media control) and also acknowledge the Jewish role in the Iraq war, the war on terror, and Congress-Jewess and sweat shop owner Jane Harman's bill, here, basically outlawing criticizing of Jewish power. Of course Jewish extremism will go untouched:

‘‘Subtitle J—Prevention of Violent
10 Radicalization and Homegrown
11 Terrorism
13 ‘‘For purposes of this subtitle:
14 ‘‘(1) COMMISSION.—The term ‘Commission’
15 means the National Commission on the Prevention
16 of Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism
17 established under section 899C.
19 ‘violent radicalization’ means the process of adopting
20 or promoting an extremist belief system for the pur21
pose of facilitating ideologically based violence to ad22
vance political, religious, or social change.
23 ‘‘(3) HOMEGROWN TERRORISM.—The term
24 ‘homegrown terrorism’ means the use, planned use,
25 or threatened use, of force or violence by a group or
26 individual born, raised, or based and operating pri-
VerDate Aug 31 2005 02:35 Oct 25, 2007 Jkt 059200 PO 00000 Frm 00002 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H1955.RFS H1955 hmoore on PRODPC68 with HMBILLS
HR 1955 RFS
1 marily within the United States or any possession of
2 the United States to intimidate or coerce the United
3 States government, the civilian population of the
4 United States, or any segment thereof, in further5
ance of political or social objectives.
7 term ‘ideologically based violence’ means the use,
8 planned use, or threatened use of force or violence
9 by a group or individual to promote the group or in10
dividual’s political, religious, or social beliefs

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I just posted a comment to this excellent article "Jewish Influence, and Censorship at Google" , but I accidentally posted it under the 12/6/07 article on the real price of journalism. Ooops, so sorry for the mistake!

Anonymous said...

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Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

The Google censorship is important. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I recommend you write a book and get it carefully edited. Give a chapter to people locally and a red pen with it.

If you can produce a pdf file, then a printer can print from a pdf file. So you can use any package that produces a pdf.

I recommend Latex. Its free and very good. You can produce a pdf from it. Its oriented to produce books.

I would stay away from the Lulu type situation. Keep total ownership of your copyright, and register it.

Have some books printed by a small printer and then sell them. I would not give it away. Do a good job and charge 35 dollars.

Unless you are Clinton, you have to promote your own books anyhow with a publisher.

Make sure your book has as much factual detail and proof as you can stand. Then add more.